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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

As Robotics Advances, Worries of Killer Robots Rise

As Robotics Advances, Worries of Killer Robots Rise

As Robotics Advances, Worries of Killer Robots Rise

From driverless cars to delivery drones, a new generation of robots is about to revolutionize the way people work, drive and shop. But there is one area where robots are already entrenched and spreading fast: the industrial sector, especially manufacturing and storage.

Robots have long toiled alongside workers in factories and warehouses, where they load boxes with items ordered online, drill and weld car parts, or move food from one conveyor belt to the next.

Now many experts worry about the dangers that robots pose to the humans who work alongside them.

Robots have caused at least 33 workplace deaths and injuries in the United States in the last 30 years, according to data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. That may not sound like many, but the number may well understate the perils ahead.

Unlike today’s robots, which generally work in cages, the next generation will have much more autonomy and freedom to move on their own.

“In order for robots to work more productively, they must escape from their cages and be able to work alongside people,” said Kent Massey, the director of advanced programs at HDT Robotics. “To achieve this goal safely, robots must become more like people. They must have eyes and a sense of touch, as well as the intelligence to use those senses.”

Robot Accidents in the Workplace
An employee was repairing a jammed conveyor belt in an oven when he became caught between a robotic arm and the belt. He was killed.
MAY 2007
An employee was troubleshooting a robotic arm used to remove CD jewel cases when the arm struck the employee in his head and ribs. He died two weeks later.
JULY 2006
An employee was crushed between a robotic arm and the robot’s work station. He appeared to have been reaching to remove a scrap the robot had dropped or to push the reset button, but there was no memory in the robot computer to know for sure. The employee was killed.
MARCH 2006
A robot caught an employee on the back of her neck and pinned her head between itself and the part she was welding. She was killed.
An employee was cleaning at the end of his shift and entered a robot’s unlocked cage. The robot grabbed his neck and pinned the employee under a wheel rim. He was asphyxiated.
A maintenance worker climbed a fence to repair a pin in a robot. It was still operating, and he became caught in the machine. He was killed.
An employee was using a robot to weld and drill basketball backboards. When he noticed a half-done hole, he manually drilled it. The robot thought that meant the cycle was complete and unexpectedly turned, pinning the employee against the wall. He was hospitalized.
Three workers were watching a robot pour molten aluminum when the pouring unexpectedly stopped. One of them left to flip a switch to start the pouring again. The other two were still standing near the pouring operation, and when the robot restarted, its 150-pound ladle pinned one of them against the wall. He was killed.
JUNE 1999
An employee accidentally activated a robot when he stepped on a conveyor belt where robots were moving boxes of meat. He became trapped. When his co-workers removed the robot, he fell to the floor. He was killed.
As Robotics Advances, Worries of Killer Robots Rise

Until now, robots have largely been used in manufacturing, particularly in the auto industry. They have mostly been “dumb robots,” designed for repetitive tasks that are dirty, dangerous or dull.

Regulations have required that the robots operate separately from humans, in cages or surrounded by light curtains that stop the machines when people approach. As a result, most of the injuries and deaths have happened when humans who are maintaining the robots make an error or violate the safety barriers, such as by entering a cage.

But the robots whose generation is being born today collaborate with humans and travel freely in open environments where people live and work. They are products of the declining cost of sensors and improved artificial intelligence algorithms in areas such as machine vision. Google’s newest driverless car, for instance, is completely automated, without a steering wheel or a brake pedal.

Along with the new, free-roaming robots come new safety concerns. People worry about what happens if a robot spins out of control, or the first time a driverless car kills someone.

“It’s the fear of robots,” said Bryant Walker Smith, a fellow at the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School who studies driverless cars. “There’s something scarier about a machine malfunctioning and taking away control from somebody.”

As a result, these robots require extra protective measures. The Google car has a padded front to soften any blow if the robot or a human causes an accident. The windshield is plastic, and the front of the car is rounded so it is less likely to hurt or trap pedestrians or cyclists.

Another robot, Baxter, which does repetitive jobs in workplaces like packaging small items, is designed to sense humans and stop before coming in contact with them. It also has a display screen that cues those who are nearby about what the robot is focusing on and planning to do next.

If robots and humans are going to live and work together, Baxter and its progeny will need more of these advances. To develop them, the robots’ creators will need to draw on one of the most human of emotions: empathy.

Jonathan Ive on Apple’s Design Process and Product Philosophy

Jonathan Ive on Apple’s Design Process and Product Philosophy
Jonathan Ive, center, Apple’s design chief, on the set of “Good Morning America” last year with Bono, left, of the music group U2

Jonathan Ive on Apple’s Design Process and Product Philosophy

When Steven P. Jobs led Apple, he created a core principle for the company’s designers and engineers: stay fully focused on making great products.

That philosophy continues to guide Apple, even under its new chief executive, Timothy D. Cook, says Jonathan Ive, the company’s head of design. Mr. Ive, who rarely speaks publicly, said in an recent interview for an article about Apple under Mr. Cook that the company’s design processes remained unchanged, vibrant and healthy. An edited transcript of the interview follows.

What does innovation culture look like at Apple under Tim Cook? How has it changed, if at all?

Innovation at Apple has always been a team game. It has always been a case where you have a number of small groups working together. The industrial design team is a very small team. We’ve worked together, most for 15 or 20 years.

That’s a fairly typical story here: Creative teams are small and very focused. One of the underlying characteristics is being inquisitive and being curious. Some of those personal attributes and hallmarks haven’t changed at all.

Often when I talk about what I do, making isn’t just this inevitable function tacked on at the end. The way we make our products is certainly equally as demanding and requires so much definition. I design and make. I can’t separate those two.

This is part of Steve’s legacy. Deep in the culture of Apple is this sense and understanding of design, developing and making. Form and the material and process – they are beautifully intertwined – completely connected. Unless we understand a certain material — metal or resin and plastic — understanding the processes that turn it from ore, for example – we can never develop and define form that’s appropriate.

Steve established a set of values, and he established preoccupations and tones that are completely enduring – and he established those principles with a small team of people. I’ve been ridiculously lucky to be part of it. But Tim was very much part of that team – for that last 15 or 20 years.

I remember clearly a time when we made plastic portable computers, and Steve and Tim and I sat down and said we wanted to build an incredibly thin and light portable computer. There was a whole range of challenges from an engineering point of view: How it worked in a new material, titanium. That meant we had to completely redesign and discover new partners to work with, hire a whole new organization.

I’ve worked for the last 15 or 20 years on the most challenging, creative parts of what we do. I would love to talk about future stuff – they’re materials we haven’t worked in before. I’ve been working on this stuff for a few years now. Tim is fundamentally involved in pushing into these new areas and into these materials.

Over years you develop a process – we, a team, develop a process – that process is incredibly vibrant and healthy and continues to grow and evolve.

You recently assumed leadership of software interface design. Has this altered the company’s design process?

I provide some leadership and direction in terms of user interface – a subset of software. Just as I work, I’m working in the same way with the user interface team. Just geographically, we’ve always been close. The core creative community is very small but is also very close – there’s been changes there, but the change isn’t perhaps as dramatic as you might assume.

One of the values of things I learned absolutely directly from Steve was the whole issue of focus. What are we focusing on: focus on product. I wish I could do a better job in communicating this truth here, which is when you really are focused on the product, that’s not a platitude. When that truly is your reason for coming into the studio, is just to try to make the very best product you can, when that is exclusive of everything else, it’s remarkable how insignificant or unimportant a lot of other stuff becomes. Titles or organizational structures, that’s not the lens through which we see our peers.

What is it like working with Mr. Cook? Can you give us any examples or anecdotes that demonstrate his leadership?

We meet on average three times a week. Sometimes those meetings are over in his space, sometimes here in the design studio. We all see the same physical object. Something happens between what we objectively see and what we perceive it to be. That’s the definition of a designer – trying to somehow articulate what contributes to the way we see the object.

Heading on for two decades working with Tim, one of the things I have always admired is the quiet consideration he gives to trying to understand how he perceives something. He will take the time. I think that testifies to the fact that he knows it’s important.

Is it hard to be patient with yourselves while investors and fans alike are clamoring for the next iThing?

It is hard for us all to be patient. It was hard for Steve. It is hard for Tim. At any point in time, working on something, it’s always hard to just keep focusing on the product. One of the things different between us and some of our competitors is we just focus on the product, developing good products.

Honestly, I don’t think anything’s changed. People felt exactly the same way when we were working on iPhone. The iPhone was broadly dismissed. The iPod was broadly dismissed. The iPad was probably more copiously written off as a large iPod.

My focus is incredibly narrow. I can’t talk with any authority other than design and development of product. When I look back over the last 20 years, you have this sense that, you’re working on something that’s incredibly hard, when you’re working on it, you don’t know whether it’s going to work out or not.

The benefit of hindsight is we only really talk about those things that did work out. You have this sense that you’re working on something incredibly hard. When working on projects, you have this determination. You just keep going. If doing anything new, you’re very used to having insurmountable obstacles. At some point you have to make a call — at some point you have to say, “We’ve stretched this and we’ve come up against laws of physics, which we cannot change.”

When that’s your day to day, you’re so consumed by the products and the problems and the challenges, that it’s actually quite easy to be impatient.

Nest’s Smoke Alarm Returns, With Price Cut

Nest’s Smoke Alarm Returns, With Price Cut
Tony Fadell, chief executive of Nest, with one of his company’s smoke detectors.

Nest’s Smoke Alarm Returns, With Price Cut

Nest’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are coming back to store shelves two months after safety concerns prompted a recall of the devices.

Nest, which is owned by Google, is also cutting the price on the product to $99 from $130.

The company said the detector, known as Nest Protect, will go back on sale without a feature that prompted the recall in April. That feature, which it calls Nest Wave, was designed to let people temporarily silence the alarm by waving their arms beneath it. In laboratory tests earlier this year, Nest said it had determined that body movements near the detector could be misinterpreted by software in the device, resulting in the unintentional silencing of the alarm.

Nest has still not fixed the glitch. Instead, the company said, it has deactivated the feature in the detectors being returned to store shelves and will reactivate it once it solves the problem. Immediately after it announced the problem in April, Nest remotely deactivated the Wave feature in alarms that were already installed in homes.

Nest alarms need to be connected to the Internet for the company to be able to update them remotely. Most of them are.

Although the Wave function is one of Nest’s big selling points for the product, the device has other capabilities that distinguish it from conventional smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. For example, it transmits alerts to smartphones when the alarm sounds.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported last month that the problem with the Nest products affected about 440,000 devices, including alarms Nest had already sold and those that were still on store shelves.

Nest also released a white paper based on anonymous data from Nest Protect customers in the United States, Canada and Britain that revealed that 0.15 percent of homes with the alarms installed had experienced a carbon monoxide alert between November 2013 and May 2014.

The length of those events ranged from 3 minutes to over 24 hours, with a median alert time of 1 hour and 17 minutes. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, toxic gas produced by furnaces, stoves and water heaters that can cause serious health problems and death in homes with poor ventilation.

Based on its analysis, Nest estimated that at least one million households in the United States, Canada and Britain are exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide each year.

Agency Aims to Regulate Map Aids in Vehicles

Agency Aims to Regulate Map Aids in Vehicles
Steven Spriggs fought a ticket for using his hand-held phone while in stop-and-go traffic.

Agency Aims to Regulate Map Aids in Vehicles

Getting directions on the road from Google Maps and other smartphone apps is a popular alternative to the expensive navigation aids included in some cars. The apps are also a gray area when it comes to laws banning the use of cellphones or texting while driving.

The Transportation Department wants to enter the argument.

The department is intensifying its battle against distracted driving by seeking explicit authority from Congress to regulate navigation aids of all types, including apps on smartphones.

The measure, included in the Obama administration’s proposed transportation bill, would specify that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has the authority to set restrictions on the apps and later order changes if they are deemed dangerous, much the way it currently regulates mechanical features of cars.

The measure has the support of automakers, which already mostly comply with voluntary guidelines for built-in navigation systems, but it has run into stiff opposition from technology companies, which say that any such law would be impractical and impossible to enforce. It’s another example, they say, of federal regulators trying vainly to keep up with a rapidly changing industry.

Agency Aims to Regulate Map Aids in Vehicles
Systems built into car dashboards would be among the aids included under a measure in a proposed transportation bill.

“They don’t have enough software engineers,” said Catherine McCullough, executive director of the Intelligent Car Coalition, an industry group. “They don’t have the budget or the structure to oversee both Silicon Valley and the auto industry.”

The underlying issue has already worked its way into the courts. In California, Steven R. Spriggs received a $165 ticket two years ago for using his iPhone while driving in stop-and-go traffic near Fresno. A highway patrol motorcycle officer rolled up alongside his car after seeing the glow from the screen on Mr. Spriggs’s face.

“I held it up and said, ‘It’s a map,’ ” Mr. Spriggs said. He was not talking on the phone, which is prohibited by California law.

But the police officer would not budge. “He said, ‘Pull over, it doesn’t matter,’ ” said Mr. Spriggs, the director of planned giving at California State University, Fresno.

An appeals court ruled this year that it did matter, and Mr. Spriggs’s conviction was reversed.

Regulators maintain that they already have the authority over navigation aids and merely want it clearly written into law.

Twice last year, David L. Strickland, when he was administrator of N.H.T.S.A., told Congress that navigation systems could be “classified as motor vehicle equipment.” The electronics industry, in response, argues that “motor vehicle equipment” includes objects like key-chain fobs that can unlock a car by remote control, not apps on a smartphone.

Last year, after negotiations with the industry, the Transportation Department released voluntary guidelines for automakers stipulating that any navigation system should not take more than two seconds for a single interaction, and 12 seconds total. At 60 miles an hour, two seconds is 176 feet.

Now the Transportation Department is angling for more leverage in negotiations over electronic distractions, but it says it has no immediate plan to issue rules. The idea is now in the mix of proposals that could end up in the highway bill that Congress is likely to pass in the coming months.

Regulators are making the push as navigation apps are proliferating and increasing in sophistication.

While most smartphone users are familiar with straightforward navigation aids like Google Maps, Waze, for instance, relies on a social network of users to report road conditions, hazards and the presence of police cars in real time. Wazers, as users are known, earn points the more they contribute, and gain status in the community.

But Waze’s user agreement contains a warning that says, in part, “Sending traffic updates and text messages to the service while you drive is strictly prohibited.” And the app’s interface is meant to prevent a report while the car is in motion, unless the user hits a button saying a passenger is making the entry.

Despite the warning, there is nothing to prevent a driver from hitting the passenger button. Waze, which Google bought last year, declined to comment.

Safety advocates say regulators need to do more.

“We absolutely need to be looking at these nomadic devices,” said Deborah A. P. Hersman, president of the National Safety Council, a nonprofit group chartered by Congress, and a former chairwoman of the National Transportation Safety Board.

The dominant companies in the industry are Google and Apple, which have made maps a central part of their smartphones — not only for navigation but also as a way to gather data and contextual information for their search functions and apps. Google and Apple declined to comment.

The technology industry has also voiced concern that the provision could give regulators the authority to review apps and order changes before they are put on the market, but safety officials said they would not have that power. Instead, they would retain the authority to have an app changed if it was deemed dangerous, in the same way they regulate cars and light trucks.

Harold Feld, senior vice president of Public Knowledge, a digital rights advocacy group, said the navigation apps were not inherently dangerous. Being able to enter a new destination into a navigation device on the fly, he said, is “a pretty good thing” and could often be done by a passenger. And navigation apps allow for voice commands.

With Google Maps or Apple’s Maps on nearly every smartphone sold in the United States, he asked, “Does their regulatory status change in a car? How the heck would anyone monitor that?”

The highway agency is following a plan to focus first on electronics built into the dashboard, which it began last year with the voluntary guidelines, and now to focus on smartphones and tablets, which can be used virtually anywhere. Regulators convened a public meeting on those this year, before the administration came out with its version of a transportation appropriations bill.

Without a consistent standard across all navigation aids, automakers and safety advocates say, people will turn to the hand-held devices.

“If you put restrictions on the built-in systems designed to be used while driving, it’s going to encourage people to use hand-held devices that are not optimal for use by a driver,” said Gloria Bergquist, a spokeswoman for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, an industry trade group. “We believe that if you’re looking at a smaller screen, that’s less effective than looking at a larger screen on the dashboard.”

Even Mr. Spriggs would agree that driver distraction is a pressing problem. His 22-year-old son, he said, was riding his bicycle and was struck by a car whose driver was on a cellphone.

“I would support a law, reluctantly, that these things cannot work while the car is moving,” he said.

With an Amazon Smartphone, the Retailer Seeks a Tether to Consumers

With an Amazon Smartphone, the Retailer Seeks a Tether to Consumers
Jeff Bezos, chief executive of Amazon, which may unveil its first smartphone this week. Credit Richard Brian/Reuters

With an Amazon Smartphone, the Retailer Seeks a Tether to Consumers

Hold the phone: Amazon wants to burrow even deeper into your life.

The retailer is expected to introduce a smartphone on Wednesday at an event in Seattle, a long-rumored project that aims to close any remaining gap between the impulse to buy and the completed act.

Amazon has spent the last several years furiously investing billions of dollars on multiple fronts: constructing warehouses all over the country to deliver goods as fast as possible, building devices as varied as tablets and set-top boxes, and creating and licensing entertainment to stock those devices.

It all adds up to a wildly ambitious venture without precedent in modern merchandising. Wall Street has generally cheered as competitors — an ever growing group that now includes businesses like Walmart, eBay, Apple and Google — regard these activities with increasing unease. Customers, meanwhile, are propelling Amazon toward the rarefied ranks of companies with revenue of $100 billion.

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Jeffrey P. Bezos, the chief of Amazon, which has some 20 million Prime subscribers who would get the new music service.Amazon Music Streaming Service Is Expected Soon JUNE 11, 2014
The phone is the last and most crucial link in this colossal enterprise. It is a singular gamble for a company that, for all its technology components, is still primarily a merchant. Because even the smartest tech companies have trouble with phones.

A Google smartphone, the Nexus One, failed to catch on. Google next bought Motorola and then dumped it. BlackBerry, once the dominant smartphone maker, is struggling to survive. Microsoft’s Windows Phone has less than 3 percent of the global market. A Facebook phone stumbled last year.

When it comes to smartphone profits, Apple and Samsung divide them up, leaving crumbs for every other manufacturer. At least in the United States, phones are a mature market, with 120 million sold last year.

Now Amazon is giving this brutal business a shot. On the one hand, analysts say, it has no choice. On the other, the rewards could be tremendous.

“Mobile is asserting not just its utility but its supremacy,” said James McQuivey, an analyst with Forrester Research. “If you’re Amazon, you’re worried you’re going to be cut out of the next big interface. So you jump in and make yourself relevant, whether your customer is in the bathroom, the kitchen or the car. You go for broke.”

For Amazon, the risk of doing nothing is that it could be completely marginalized by one of its competitors. Mr. McQuivey offered the example of coconut flour.

Search for the flour on Google, and Amazon comes up in two of the top responses, one of them an ad it paid for. In the future as designed by Google, however, the search engine will remember what you’re looking for when you’re out in the world and sell ads against that. So the next time you pass Trader Joe’s, your Android phone sends a note: There is coconut flour just 50 feet away.

If that sort of transaction starts happening too often, the coconut flour is going to go stale in Amazon’s warehouses.

In building a phone, Amazon has advantages other phone makers do not. It can sell to its 250 million customers without a middleman. It can bundle features with the Amazon Prime membership club, as it just did last week with a new streaming music service.

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Most of all, Amazon has the blessing of Wall Street to lose money as long as it is gaining market share — although recently the enthusiasm has dimmed a bit. The stock is about 20 percent off its peak.

An early demonstration of what Amazon wants to do with shopping can be seen in the Dash, a wand that the company quietly introduced this year. Customers who belong to Amazon’s grocery service can use the Dash, which scans bar codes and takes voice commands, to restock their refrigerator and cabinets.

Imagine the Dash set free on the world and you have Amazon’s long-term hopes for a phone. Sam Hall, an Amazon mobile executive, succinctly set forth the agenda in an interview a few years ago: “We’re trying to remove the barrier between ‘I want that’ and ‘I have it.’ ”

An Amazon spokesman declined to comment on Wednesday’s event. There is always the possibility, of course, that all the rumors about a phone could be an elaborate head fake, and that the event will be something else entirely — perhaps a kiss-and-make-up ceremony between Amazon and its suppliers, with several of which it has drawn swords.

No matter what, the event has more hoopla than any Amazon release in memory, indicating something big. First came a video showing a lot of people oohing and aahing over something out of camera range. This was taken by some as confirmation that the phone will have some sort of 3-D capacity. That might pull in gamers, another group Amazon is cultivating.

Reporters and the public were invited to apply to attend the event, and so were developers who had worked on apps using a phone’s motion sensors. The developers were also asked if they had experience with “machine learning,” which could mean Amazon is trying to design the phone so it can serve contextual information based on behavior.

For instance, say you bought a new camera on Amazon, searched for hotels in Florence, Italy, and downloaded a timetable for Italian trains; the company could ask you, Would you like to buy this passport holder? Special price, today only.

A phone could also be an opportunity for Amazon to re-energize its business with digital media. North American media revenue in the first quarter was up 12 percent from 2013 — hardly growth at all from Amazon’s point of view. But Amazon popularized electronic reading with the Kindle in 2007 and then extended it with the Kindle Fire tablets in 2011. Now comes the next step.

“If consumers adopt Amazon’s phones — and that’s a big ‘if,’ considering they love their iPhones and love their Android devices — it can then consolidate e-readers into smartphones, just like cameras and music players have been consolidated,” said Rebecca Lieb, an analyst with the Altimeter Group. “The Kindle is going to be front and center on this device.”

Amazon at the moment is publicly fighting with several media suppliers, including Hachette and Warner Home Video in the United States and Bonnier in Germany. It wants better terms, as it nearly always does, and the media companies are resisting.

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“If the phone takes off, there could conceivably be more battles with suppliers, who will have to balance their fear of Amazon with their desire to sell more product,” Ms. Lieb said. “It’s going to be interesting.”

Ironically, for all the criticism that Amazon’s book business has generated recently, the company kicked off its event with an old-fashioned — in all senses of the word — book. On Friday, attendees received a 1965 children’s tale, “Mr. Pine’s Purple House,” in the mail.

It’s about a man who wants to distinguish his house from all the other houses on the street, so he paints it purple. Accompanying the book was a note from Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s chief executive, saying that this was his favorite childhood book.

“I think you’ll agree that the world is a better place when things are a little bit different,” Mr. Bezos wrote.

Even those who do not agree will have to concede that Amazon is directing all of its considerable energy to break up the usual way of doing things.

Siasatan Kes Skandal Adi Putra Mungkin Dibuka Semula?

Siasatan Kes Skandal Adi Putra Mungkin Dibuka Semula?

Siasatan Kes Skandal Adi Putra Mungkin Dibuka Semula?

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 JUN 2014: Sekitar September tahun lalu, pelakon Adi Putra dilanda kontroversi apabila dia dikatakan telah menjalin hubungan sulit dengan isteri orang yang bernama Nooraida Abdul Mutalib. Kontroversi itu kemudiannya menjadi medium utama perbualan orang ramai.

Siasatan Kes Skandal Adi Putra Mungkin Dibuka Semula?

Berikutan kontroversi itu, suami kepada Nooraida ketika itu iaitu Amiruddin Othman telah membuat laporan polis kerana mendakwa Adi Putra telah mengganggu rumahtangganya. Bagaimanapun pada 12 Disember lalu, Adi telah mengumumkan isunya itu  dan penyebaran foto sensualnya sebagai No Further Action (NFA) atau bermaksud tiada tindakan selanjutnya daripada pihak polis.

Siasatan Kes Skandal Adi Putra Mungkin Dibuka Semula?

Pihak Nooraida dan suaminya ketika bagaimanapun tetap mahu membuktikan pelakon itu bersalah. Malah Nooraida dan Amiruddin yang mana ketika itu meraka masih berkahwin telah membuat laporan tatatertib di Bukit Aman kerana meragui sikap profesional pegawai yang menyiasat kes berkenaan.

Meskipun telah membuat pengesahan kepada media yang mereka telah bercerai selepas itu, Amiruddin nampaknya masih mahu keadilan bagi pihak dia dan bekas isteri tetap diperjuangkan.

Di pihak Adi Putra pula, aktor itu terus tidak mempedulikan perkara itu kerana yang pasti menerusi pengesahan rasmi daripada pihak polis, dia sudah bebas dari sebarang tindakan seterusnya.

Kini selepas enam bulan kes tersebut berlalu, semalam Amiruddin telah memuat naik sekeping foto di Instagram menunjukkan keratan surat rasmi dari Bukit Aman. Difahamkan, pegawai polis yang dikatakan bersubahat itu telah dikenakan tindakan tatatertib.

Dalam erti kata lain ketika, peguam yang mewakili Nooraida dan bekas suaminya dalam menentang Adi Putra akan memohon untuk membuka semula siasatan kes ini.

iskandarX: Hermm ada can nie aida tengah single....hehehee.

Studio Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Dibuka Secara Rasmi!

Studio Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Dibuka Secara Rasmi!

Studio Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Dibuka Secara Rasmi!

NUSAJAYA, 18 JUN 2014: Studio bertaraf dunia, Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studio (PIMS) pada Sabtu dibuka dengan rasminya dimana ia bakal menyediakan pelbagai kemudahan dan teknologi pembuatan filem dan rancangan televisyen.

Studio yang bernilai RM550 juta itu dirasmikan oleh Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar di Nusajaya.

Pengarah PIMS, Datuk Mohd Badlisham Ghazali berkata, kehadiran PIMS akan menjana idea kreativiti dalam pembuatan filem disamping membuka lebih 1,700 peluang pekerjaan kepada rakyat tempatan.

Optimis kewujudan studio berkenaan akan mampu memberi limpahan dalam sektor lain seperti perhotelan dan logistik, pihaknya merancang akan memperluaskan Pinewood dalam tempoh lima tahun akan datang.

Kemudahan bersepadu bertaraf dunia kita akan membentuk wilayah Iskandar dan Malaysia sebagai sebuah persekitaran penerbitan antarabangsa bagi multimedia. Pengaliran masuk penerbitan antarabangsa akan menarik perpindahan banyak syarikat media bertaraf dunia ke Malaysia,” kata beliau.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika ditemui selepas Majlis Perasmian Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studio di Nusajaya.

PIMS yang berkeluasan 50 ekar itu turut menyediakan 100,000 kaki persegi pentas untuk membuat filem dan 24,000 kaki persegi studio televisyen.

Selain menyediakan fasiliti pasca produksi, bilik persalinan dan bilik solekan serta tangki air untuk pengambaran filem turut disediakan.

PIMS yang siap sepenuhnya pada Disember 2013 kini rancak menjalankan penggambaran untuk siri televisyen, Marco Polo yang merupakan filem pertama dibuat di situ.

“Siri 10 episod yang membawa babak-babak peperangan dan seni mempertahankan diri itu akan ditayangkan buat kali pertama di AS dalam suku pertama tahun ini. Ia akan melibatkan perbelanjaan dalam negeri sebanyak RM100 juta," kata Mohd Badlisham.

iskandarX: Lepas nie Artis-artis semua yang kat Malaysia akan di gelar Pinewood Celebrity, takpun Pinewood Star.

Perkenalkan Lapan Artis Baru, Bukti Alibi Belum Terkubur

Perkenalkan Lapan Artis Baru, Bukti Alibi Belum Terkubur

Perkenalkan Lapan Artis Baru, Bukti Alibi Belum Terkubur

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 JUN 2014: Pengarah Urusan Alibi Music, Ferhad Ahmad menafikan dakwaan setengah pihak yang menganggap syarikat rakamannya itu sudah lama terkubur.

Sebaliknya, Ferhad menjelaskan Alibi Music dilihat seolah-olah sudah tidak beroperasi selepas terpaksa mengecilkan operasi disebabkan krisis ekonomi dan kelembapan industri hiburan tempatan sekitar tahun 2012.

“Ketika pembukaan syarikat rakaman ini, kami bermula dengan 18 orang artis dengan melancarkan puluhan album, single dan  klip video artis-artis terkenal.

“Namun dua tahun kebelakangan ini, perniagaan agak suram dan industri muzik mengalami penurunan digital download jadi kami terpaksa downsize dan restructure syarikat kami. Walau bagaimana pun tahun lalu kami sempat rilis beberapa single dan satu mini album ketuhanan dari Muadz, terbitan Noe dari kumpulan Letto.

"Kami akui, disebabkan perkara itu juga orang ramai ingat Alibi sudah berkubur dan tidak beroperasi lagi, sebaliknya kami masih aktif biarpun tidak seperti dahulu,” katanya  kepada ketika ditemui pada majlis Bersama Bintang Alibi Music di Universiti Malaya, semalam.

Pada majlis tersebut, Alibi memperkenalkan seramai lapan orang artis baharu yang bernaung bawah syarikat rakaman tersebut.

Antaranya ialah Mafarikha Akhir, Lokman Aslam, Ayish Mentor, FMG, Muadz, Andy Merican, Delisha dan Wana.

Ferhad berharap acara memperkenalkan artis baru itu akan membuktikan yang Alibi sebenarnya masih beroperasi malah menlahirkan ramai bintang yang boleh mewarnai hiburan muzik tanah air.

“Memang kami harap, lebih ramai pihak menyedari syarikat kami masih beroperasi apabila kami memperkenalkan penyanyi-penyanyi baru yang punya bakat sangat besar.

“Kami yakin penyanyi-penyanyi ini boleh pergi jauh kerana mereka bukan asahaj artis rekoding malah mampu membuat persembahan live selain ada yang mempunyai bakat dalam bidang mencipta lagu ,” jelasnya lagi.

Sebahagian artis baru yang diperkenalkan itu, turut membuat persembahan di majlis tersebut.

Nora Terkejut Ada Rakan Artis Bersubahat Dengan Bekas Isteri Nedim Menyindirnya

Nora Terkejut Ada Rakan Artis Bersubahat Dengan Bekas Isteri Nedim Menyindirnya

Nora Terkejut Ada Rakan Artis Bersubahat Dengan Bekas Isteri Nedim Menyindirnya

PETALING JAYA, 18 JUN 2014: Pelakon Nora Danish atau nama sebenarnya Nora Mohd Danish Hanif, 32, akui terkejut apabila ada rakan artis yang turut bersubahat dengan bekas isteri kekasihnya, Nedim Nazri untuk menyindirnya tanpa pengetahuannya.

Sindirian itu berpunca apabila Nora dilihat kerap memuat naik foto bersama satu-satunya anak kekasihnya iaitu Nedrin bersama bekas isteri, Nabilah Khan.

Perbuatan Nora itu mendapat reaksi yang kurang menyenangkan apabila beberapa pihak memberi komen negatif menerusi Imstagram milik Nabilah termasuklah tuduhan Nora sebagai perampas.

Nora Terkejut Ada Rakan Artis Bersubahat Dengan Bekas Isteri Nedim Menyindirnya

"Terus-terang saya sangat terkejut dengan berita ini dan tidak sangka pula ada pihak yang tidak senang dengan kehidupan saya sekarang. Saya sendiri tak tahu siapa rakan artis itu.

"Tapi, salahkah saya muat naik gambar anak mereka? Saya memang suka ambil gambar dengan budak-budak kecil, saya rasa itu tidak salah.

Nora Terkejut Ada Rakan Artis Bersubahat Dengan Bekas Isteri Nedim Menyindirnya

"Lainlah kalau saya ini perampas dan baru logik saya tidak boleh bergambar dengan anak dia. Mereka berpisah sebelum saya kenal rapat dengan Nedim lagi," katanya kepada ketika majlis preview filem Pengantin Malam kelmarin.

Nora diminta mengulas apabila ada sekumpulan pihak yang memihak kepada bekas isteri Nedim termasuk rakan artis yang telah menyindirnya di sebuah laman sosial instagram daripada salah seorang individu daripada pihak tersebut.

Nora Terkejut Ada Rakan Artis Bersubahat Dengan Bekas Isteri Nedim Menyindirnya

Menurut Nora lagi, dia tidak menyangka bekas isteri kekasihnya itu bertindak sedemikian kerana dia sendiri tidak pernah berjumpa atau mengenali Nabilah secara rapat.

"Saya tidak pernah berjumpa apatah lagi bergaduh dengan dia dan saya juga tidak pernah buat kenyataan di media tentang dia atau keluarga dia pun.

"Saya pelik mengapa mereka berbuat demikian kepada saya, mungkin mereka iri hati dengan kebahagiaan saya sekarang.

"Mungkin juga sebab saya suka gambarkan kebahagiaan saya di Instagram dan tidak tahu pula ia menjadi masalah kepada orang lain,"luahnya lagi.

Dalam perkembangan lain, filem lakonannya Pengantin Malam bersama Farid Kamil dan beberapa pelakon lain sedang ditayangkan di pawagam sejak 16 Jun lalu.

iskandarX: Tak payah terkejut atau pelik Nora, biasa lah kawan makan kawan nie belambak di pasaran.

Irma Hasmie Bakal Timang Cahaya Mata Perempuan

Irma Hasmie Bakal Timang Cahaya Mata Perempuan

Irma Hasmie Bakal Timang Cahaya Mata Perempuan

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 JUN 2014: Pelakon dan pengacara TV Irma Hasmie memanjatkan kesyukuran kepada Illahi kerana bakal menimang cahaya mata yang kedua iaitu bayi perempuan dan dijangka bersalin pada 18 Julai depan.

“Saya yang paling teruja kerana memang mengimpikan anak perempuan maka dengan keizinan-Nya lengkaplah keluarga saya,” ujarnya dalam majlis sidang media pelancaran Program Ramadan TV-Al Hijrah di PWTC.

Menurutnya, doktor yang mengesahkan yang dia dan suami Reza Syah Azmeer bakal menimang bayi perempuan setelah membuat beberapa kali imbasan bersama doktor tersebut.

“Pada mulanya saya agak resah kerana setiap kali membuat imbasan, saya dan suami masih belum nampak apa jantina bayi saya, dan Alhamdulilah imbasan itu akhirnya berjaya mengesan jantina bayi saya ini,” katanya.

Buat masa ini, Irma masih lagi aktif menjadi pengacara bual bicara Assalammualaikum walaupun sedang sarat hamil. Dia juga teruja menyambut kehadiran orang baru namun segala persiapan dibuat secara sederhana.

“Barangan milik Irfhan masih lagi elok dan saya hanya membeli beberapa keperluan seperti baju bayi perempuan dan barang-barang keperluan yang lain,” katanya.

Dalam perkembangan lain Irma berkata, bersempena kedatangan bulan Ramadan dan Syawal dia turut mengambil kesempatan untuk menjual pakaian Muslimah yang direkanya sendiri.

Jelas Irma, koleksi yang diberi nama Debumas itu akan dijual menerusi laman Instagram miliknya bermula 1 Ramadan depan.

Anniversary Setahun, Jehan Miskin Ke Korea Temui Keluarga Isteri

Anniversary Setahun, Jehan Miskin Ke Korea Temui Keluarga Isteri

Anniversary Setahun, Jehan Miskin Ke Korea Temui Keluarga Isteri

KL, 18 JUN 2014: Setahun masa berlalu seperti baru sahaja mendengar khabar mengenai Jehan Miskin yang akan beristerikan gadis dari Korea Selatan bernama Julie Camelia Rhee.

Bersempena dengan ulangtahun perkahwinan mereka tersebut, pasangan bahagia ini sedang berlibur di Jepun dan juga negara asal Julie, Korea Selatan.

Melalui Instagram aktor berbadan sasa tersebut, mereka baru sahaja meninggalkan Jepun dan kini berada di Korea Selatan bersama-sama keluarga Julie termasuklah pasangan datuk dan nenek mereka yang berusia lebih 90 tahun.

Antara lain adalah pertemuan Jehan dan Julie dengan ahli keluarga juga sebagai memohon restu kerana menerima Jehan ke dalam keluarga mereka serta mengambil berkat Harabuchi (datuk) Halmoney (nenek) dan berharap perkahwinan mereka juga kekal seperti kedua-dua mereka.

Anniversary Setahun, Jehan Miskin Ke Korea Temui Keluarga Isteri

Anniversary Setahun, Jehan Miskin Ke Korea Temui Keluarga Isteri

Anniversary Setahun, Jehan Miskin Ke Korea Temui Keluarga Isteri

Untuk info tentang pasangan ini, Jehan, 34, mula bertemu dengan Julie, 29, seorang wanita berbangsa Korea sekitar lima tahun lalu di sebuah gimnasium di ibu kota.

Selepas tiga tahun, Jehan memilih Julie menjadi calon isteri yang diinginkannya dan telah melamar Julie pada tahun 2012 di Menara Seoul, Korea.  Pasangan tersebut telah diijabkabulkan dalam satu majlis akad nikah yang di Carcosa Seri Negara.

iskandarX: Korea boleh sampai, keluarga di penang amacam?

Nora Danish Minta Individu Yang Menyindirnya Bersemuka

Nora Danish Minta Individu Yang Menyindirnya Bersemuka

Nora Danish Minta Individu Yang Menyindirnya Bersemuka

KL, 17 JUN 2014: Murai Batu tertarik dengan nota yang dimuat naik pelakon, Nora Danish di Instagram malam tadi menarik perhatian Murai Batu, bukan apa selalunya Nora pasti akan memuat naik foto-fotonya yang riang tapi notanya semalam seolah-olah macam tegang.

Tapi pasal apa pula? Murai Batu pon tak pasti. Apa yang pasti pelakon itu meluahkan rasanya sebaik sahaja tamat Majlis Previu Filem Pengantin Malam yang berlangsung malam tadi.

Kata-kata Nora Danish yang menarik perhatian Murai Batu seperti:

"I was at Pengantin Malam pc. Press Interviewed me and I was shocked dgr berita ni. Pabila mereka menggunakan media social sebagai tempat menyindir dan lepas perasaan, malah account tidak diprivatekan, akhirnya saya sebagai celebrity yg kena jawab segala persoalan. Jadi, jgn marah pabila saya comment. Self reminder, reporters/bloggers r everywhere so think before u say simthing. It might get bck to u. To whom it might concern bersemuka if tak puas hati lebih baik dari perli memerli"

Menerusi tulisan tersebut jelas menunjukkan ia ditujukan kepada individu tertentu. Tetapi siapa yang dimaksudkan tidak pula dinyatakan.

Cuma di akhir kata Nora Danish seolah-olah ingin memberitahu kepada individu yang sedang memerlinya menggunakan media sosial itu bersemuka jika tidak berpuas hati.

iskandarX: Sapa dia? Sapa dia? habaq mai kat is biaq is kepak tangan dia ke belakang baru dia tau.

Hazama Idamkan Persembahan Solo Di Hard Rock Cafe

Hazama Idamkan Persembahan Solo Di Hard Rock Cafe

Hazama Idamkan Persembahan Solo Di Hard Rock Cafe

KUALA LUMPUR, 17 JUN 2014: Penyanyi yang popular dengan lagu Panglipur Lara dan Juara AF9, Hazama berkata dia mengidamkan persembahan solo  atau showcase di Hard Rock Cafe dan yakin itu antara impiannya yang mungkin akan tercapai.

“Saya memang terfikir dan mahu bikin showcase di situ namun saya kena perlengkapkan diri dengan lagu, album dan “material” yang cukup sebelum melangkah ke arah itu,” kata Hazama di Majlis Sidang Media Platform Digital Komprehensif Piala Dunia 2014 di Astro Broadcast Centre.

Menurutnya, kebanyakkan peminat atau pun penonton sudah lali dengan konsert atau showcase yang percuma tetapi itu semua tidak mematahkan semangatnya untuk berkarya dengan lebih baik.

“Kalau nak buat showcase, peminat perlu bayar dan saya haruslah memberi persembahan yang terbaik setimpal dengan bayaran yang dikenakan oleh  mereka, " katanya.

Hazama juga bakal membuat persembahan bersama Hafiz di Hard Rock Café Melaka pada 22 Jun ini iaitu ‘Hafiz And Friends Live Showcase”.

“Dalam showcase ini, saya hanya membantu Hafiz dan akan menyanyikan lagu  secara trio bersama Akim, saya yakin persembahan kami memberikan satu kepuasan kepada peminat,” ujarnya.

Hazama juga menyifatkan showcase ini sebagai batu loncatan kepada dirinya sebelum beralih ke showcase sendiri. Peluang ini juga beliau tidak akan sia-siakan dan secara jujur Hafiz mempunyai peminat yang ramai.

Kepada orang Melaka mahupun di seluruh negara, ini peluang anda untuk menonton Showcase meraka bertiga yang julung kali diadakan.

Nora Danish Berbicara Tentang Cinta, Pengantin & Instagram

Nora Danish Berbicara Tentang Cinta, Pengantin & Instagram

Nora Danish Berbicara Tentang Cinta, Pengantin & Instagram

KUALA LUMPUR, 17 JUN 2014: Aktres Nora Danish baru-baru ini telah meraih populariti luar biasa di laman sosial Instagram kerana menjadi artis dengan jumlah pengikut tertinggi iaitu iaitu melebih 800,000 orang.

Menariknya, faktor jumlah pengikut yang ramai itu mungkin berpunca dari Nora yang sering memuatkan gambar-gambar aktiviti hariannya termasuklah ketika penggambaran dan juga semasa melancong ke luar negara.

Dia juga tidak menyembunyikan hubungannya dengan Nedim Nazri iaitu anak kepada Menteri Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan, Datuk Seri Mohamad Nazri Aziz apabila turut memuat naik gambar mereka bersama.

Terbaru, timbul persoalan apabila Nora memuatnaik sebuah foto di Instagram miliknya mengajak seorang individu yang sering menyindirnya agar bersemuka. Siapakah individu tersebut? Apa komen Nora mengenai isu ini? Sudah pasti persoalan akan ditanyakan kepada Nora apabila dia hadir sebagai tetamu program MeleTOP pada malam ini.

Kehadiran Nora adalah untuk mempromosikan filem terbaru lakonannya bersama Farid Kamil iaitu Pengantin Malam. Sebut pasal pengantin, tidak teringinkan Nora untuk kembali bersanding di jinjang pelamin? Itu juga persoalan yang harus dijawab Nora pada malam ini.

Selain Nora Danish, pengacara hebat tanah air iaitu Datuk Aznil Hj Nawawi turut akan bersama Nora Danish untuk mempromosikan program Ceria Popstar 2 yang akan memasuki pentas akhir pada hari Jumaat nanti. Dua personaliti hebat ini turut akan berkongsi pelbagai cerita menarik selain perkembangan terbaru mereka khas buat para penonton.

Tidak terlepas kehadiran kumpulan muzik yang telah mencipta nama di Malaysia iaitu Nidji yang baru sahaja tampil dengan album terbaru mereka. Apa yang menarik tentang album terbaru mereka? Dan adakah mereka bakal buat persembaha secara langsung malam ini?

Nak tahu lebih lanjut, jangan lupa untuk menonton program MeleTOP yang dihoskan oleh Nabil dan Neelofa malam ini bermula jam 9 malam di saluran Astro Ria (104) dan Maya HD (135).

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