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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Brooke Mueller to return to rehab

Charlie Sheen's former wife Brooke Mueller is planning to return to rehab.

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Charlie Sheen's former wife Brooke Mueller is planning to return to rehab.

Brooke Mueller will check into rehab again.

The former wife of Charlie Sheen was allegedly placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold at the UCLA Medical Center last week before checking out on Friday but is once again receiving treatment at the facility and is planning to get help for her ''prescription drug abuse''.

Her representative told the New York Daily News: ''Brooke will be [at UCLA Medical Center] for several more days, and will likely transition directly into a residential treatment facility to get help for prescription drug abuse.''

The 35-year-old socialite's four-year-old twins with Charlie, Max and Bob, are currently staying with his other ex-wife Denise Richards after she secured temporary custody of them last week.

A source said: ''Brooke didn't have a say in this. They came in, assessed the situation, asked Denise to take the boys, and Brooke agreed. Brooke is very comfortable with this and very grateful to Denise for taking this on. There's no ill will there.''

Brooke - who has been in rehab 19 times - was previously said to be happy that Denise, who has daughters Sam, nine, and Lola, seven, with the 'Anger Management' star, as well as adopted daughter Eloise, two, is caring for her boys as she thinks she is a great parent.

Chris Pine 'too busy' for love

'Star Trek Into Darkness' actor Chris Pine says his relationship with Dominique Piek ended because they are both so busy.

Entertainment, celebrities, gossip, Star Trek Into Darkness, Chris Pine, Dominique Piek
'Star Trek Into Darkness' actor Chris Pine says his relationship with Dominique Piek ended because they are both so busy.

Chris Pine's relationship with Dominique Piek ended because they are both so busy.

The 'Star Trek Into Darkness' actor and the model - who dated since 2011 but only went public with their romance a year ago - called time on their relationship recently due to their hectic schedules.

Chris - who has previously dated Audrina Patridge and Olivia Munn - told Out magazine: ''It's really hard in our business to maintain something. For me, right now, it'd be really hard.''

Chris also revealed he has to work hard to stay in shape and has no willpower to stay away from coffee and cigarettes.

He said: ''I can't eat pasta like I used to, even, like, a month ago. It's too much. And nothing beats a good bottle of red wine and some Italian food.

''I play tennis. It's strictly for vanity. I need accountability. I need to know that I will lose out on money if I don't show up. Otherwise, I'll be chain smoking and drinking copious amounts of coffee. I wish I had the willpower.''

Keira Knightley's parents were wedding witnesses

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Keira Knightley's parents Sharman Macdonald and Will Knightley acted as witnesses at her wedding to James Righton.

Keira Knightley's parents acted as witnesses at her wedding.

The 28-year-old actress tied the knot with James Righton, 29, in the south of France on Saturday (04.05.13) and Mayor Aime Navello, who performed the ceremony has opened up about the couple's big day.

He told E! News: ''Their two witnesses were Keira's parents [Sharman Macdonald and Will Knightley]. The other people were all brothers, sisters and family. There were no other celebrities as part of the town hall ceremony.

''It was held in the upper room where the weddings are usually done. There were no flowers.''

The mayor also revealed the 10-minute ceremony was full of laughter and the couple are very much in love.

He said: ''It was really lovely. They were really happy. You could see it. They were laughing and sharing this moment with family. It was very emotional, but really simple. They were happy about the rings and they took pictures of them

''They were really simple, nice people. They seemed very happy and in love.''

Paris Hilton is happiest with boyfriend River Viiperi

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Paris Hilton loves spending time alone with her 21-year-old boyfriend River Viiperi.

Paris Hilton says it is as if no one else exists when she is with her boyfriend.

The 32-year-old socialite is head over heels in love with model River Viiperi, 21, and is never happier than when spending time alone with him.

Paris told Life & Style: ''We just love to sit in the corner and make out and dance. When I'm in the club with him, it's like no one else in the room exists -- it's just us two with each other! It's romantic.

''We have fun wherever we go. We go out together. We love the same music.''

Paris recently revealed things are so serious with River - who she started dating after meeting during New York Fashion Week in September - that she is already looking ahead to their future together.

She said: ''I think that's every woman's dream. I think that's the meaning of life to have children and have a family one day. I am so in love. I feel so lucky to have met [River]. He's one of the kindest, most loyal men I've ever met in my entire life, and he treats me like a princess.

''He's the most beautiful man I've ever seen in my life.''

Taras turns for retreat From RL7

KUALA LUMPUR, April 27, 2013: After 3 weeks competing to perform at Tennis Raja Lawak season 7 (RL7), the group eventually had to withdraw because of Taras lowest votes among the 12 players remaining.

Run from Studio Firnas, Hulu Klang, the third week of this advertisement carried the theme and presentation Taras group failed courting voters and critics have with their performances.

Taras removal permanent judge announced that Saiful Apek. Taras addition, two other players who got the lowest votes is Ganu and the Sea Cucumber. Taras composed by Bob Yale Yale, 33, from Silver and Amir, also 33, from Penang.

With the removal of Taras, live 11 more players to compete in next week RL7 the fourth week.

King Boys 7 directly hosted by pair Jozan while the jury remains for this season is Dato 'AC Mizal, Saiful Apek and Isma Alif. The program was aired on Astro Prima (Channel 105) and Astro Mustika HD (channel 134).

Between me and Elfira Loy just Artists Friends-Zizan Razak

Text by Kheme Rosly

KUALA LUMPUR, April 28, 2013: That the human destiny apbila singers every corner of their behavior observed and had to deal with a variety of gossip.

Similarly, the popular comedian and host, Zizan Razak, who had to go through the bitter sweet taste that comes hand in hand with the popularity of a career that is now at the top.

In less than a month, three young and beautiful celebrities have been linked to having a love affair with it.

Duetnya spouse, Kaka Azraff to Emma Ma'embong and the latest actress rumored about Elfira Loy.

Even when contacted portal, host melody denied allegations that he and Loy Elfira have a special relationship.

"I can not prevent people or anyone who wants to associate me with any woman.

"It's all right to make assumptions and guesses.

"As long as the actual name does not come out of my mouth, it means it is conjecture.

"Everyone knows, the artist belongs to the community and we observed.

"Perhaps the assumption that contribute to stories that are less accurate.

"I know Elfira Loy as fellow artists and indeed she was a good girl.

"Her personality also interesting and I love having a friend like him," said Zizan about her love of gossip and Elfira Loy.

On the birthday gift of a mysterious woman who alleged lover Zizan and Elfira name mentioned when this story began to spread, Zizan chose to keep the matter.

"The Gift of the phone who gave him? Hide who I had to give him.

"I did not say not from Emma or Elfira or anyone. Keep it secret," he said jokingly Zizan.

Associated with many beautiful and top celebrities, Zizan not refuse if reunited dating among them.

Zizan explained once again about the woman who has been touted as a lover.

"I was there mention of a woman.

"But I do not say who the man was. Whether artists or not, Out there.

"Maybe when the various questions presented and my answer is mixed. Came to pass that way.

"But it does not matter, because it was true I wanted to end the solo period around the age of 30.

"At this time I also do have consented to a woman.

"That's all I can share," added that when contacted Zizan busy for rehearsal King Boys 7.

Appears Ready Jalil Ziela New Program After Primadona

KUALA LUMPUR, April 29, 2013: After a contract actor and lawyer, Jalil Ziela joint interview program biacara women, Primadona terminated in the third season, the producers and actors of the popular drama '80s admit that he is now in preparation for the latest biacara chat programs.

Ziela Jalil said the new program, which will begin shooting after Eid is closer to the hearts and attitudes to himself now.

"I have already talked and met with the Manager of Astro Prima, Namanzee Harris about her new program planned for me.

"Actually, I can not comment more about this program. Just what can I say, it is divided into three segments, namely religion, motivation and skills.

"God willing, I am ready to appear in the program after Hari Raya," he said when contacted

Prima donna only the third season will feature three original hosts of Eric Clapton, Rozita Che Wan and Raja Azura. The new season will be broadcast live on 10 May.

Although no longer continue recording together Primadona, but still admit Ziela Jalil will miss the program.

"Frankly Primadona provide many interesting and valuable experience to me. During two seasons with Primadona I learned a lot in bdiang hosting. Fact I will miss this entire production team.

"In fact, Primadona also pretty Priest impact on my life where when outside my more widely known as host Primadona. Yet, I believe there is wisdom why I'm no longer with Primadona," luahnya again.

New Music Composition experimentation Wings Rockestra 2013

KUALA LUMPUR, April 26, 2013: For the second time in their 28-year involvement with the arts industry, rock band, Wings once again appeared to shake the Palace of Culture for the year 2013. The first time they appear with their fantastic performances at the theater was in April of 2011 with a concert called Wings Live Concert Opera Palace of Culture.

Exactly two years later, the Wings appeared again on the prestigious stage, this time with Wings Rockestra Concert 2013. Interestingly this time, their performance was accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra (OSK) led by Mustafa Fuzer, and assisted by music director undertaken by Joe Wings and orchestra music composer, Miss Lee Tse Wan.

Yesterday, co-author of other media partners were invited to preview Wings Rockestra 2013 in the Palace of Culture. Each one present to see if the difference in the Wings brought their performance this time.

9.10pm around the clock, comprising Wings Awie, Joe, Eddy and Black appeared on stage together sculptures hanging designs on their faces on stage Theatre Sari, Istana Budaya. Accompanied by 43 musicians Orchestra, Wings begin their presentation with the next song titled Amok and terrorize with Easy Single song.

Good start on the views of the author. The emergence of the smart charging of the four suites in accordance with real images of the Palace of Culture mesmerizing. Smart and stylish at the point the author even violent images and rock Headbanging they still maintained.

Wings then continue to entertain audiences with songs like Love Devotion, Our Voice, saga full of twists, Awards, Wings Illusion and Awang Trasher. An interesting note is the author of a new musical arrangement dipertonjolkan. The author is a Wings fan since childhood. Their songs often played at ear candy writer. But during the performance, they have been composing music arrangement of songs that have been the whistle writer to a new rhythm that barely known.

Even when a song Mystery Dream Syakilla, direct writers can not guess what song they are delivered until the start Getting the lyrics, "Where are disappearing, myself ....". Change is real music arrangement of Wings bold decision to do a reform in their presentations.

Getting interaction with the audience that night was something to be commended. Holders Husin character in this film series Kampung Pisang smart real audience attention with funny dialogues. Getting it is the power of being one of the two most influential rock icon in Malaysia.

Next, they invited musicians invited Wings of Hillary Ang, a former guitarist for the Search along special guest musicians from abroad, Ian Antono who was the main guitarist famous Indonesian rock band, God Bless. Hillary and Joe Wings Ian joined together to make a guitar solo excerpt named Illusion intonation.

Wings presentation then continues with songs like From God, Ameringgo, and Julang Middle East before reaching the favorite song writers, Garden Rashidah Utama. Once again the order of the new and different music to shock the author. True, this is a combination of mutual Wings orchestra arrangement of music but very significant difference.

However, the renewal of the musical arrangements really give a fresh breath to the author. Like Mystery Dream Syakilla, both this song got a great response from the audience. In fact, the present audience unashamedly more equally when singing together Getting Home didendangkan Rashidah Park.

Wings complete the evening with songs turn the cot Rose, City of Destruction, Hope before further rocked the stage with Living Opera. Real Wings have made thorough preparation mentally, physically and stamina for this because when Wings Rockestra Live Opera song is their 19th song of the night, they are still energized.

2013 Wing Rockestra concert ended with the song True, this time with a faster rhythm. Getting admitted that True deliberately chosen as the last song to give the audience a unique impact when they leave the Palace of Culture.

Overall, Wing Rockestra Concert 2013 very entertaining for those of you who are true fans of Wings. They still energetic despite having passed the age of 40s. Getting too happy to announce that Wings will appear with their latest album is titled 13th album Conquer Cosmo. For those of you who want a fresh presentation of Wings, Wings Rockestra may go watch this and enjoy fresh musical arrangements combined Wings and the National Symphony Orchestra.

Judge Norman Hand of Fate With Abby Abadi unbelieving spouse

KUALA LUMPUR, April 26, 2013: While've never thought of establishing legal ties with his former wife, well-built body actor, Norman Hakim said he did not rule out the power of God if he and Abby Abadi destined to re-unite.

"It is my relationship and Memey Suhaiza (wife) with Abby Abadi friendly.

"Because of our good relationship for the sake of happiness of children.

"In fact I am blessed to be together and gather without thinking about the past strife.

"But to remarry with Abby Abadi, that frankly I have not thought of and it is out of my power.

"We also do not know God's plan for us.

"So maybe yes and maybe we will not even get back together," he said when contacted

Norman Hakim asked to comment on the comment fans who see them as a sign of warmth and Abby Norman will remarry.

But if it is destined to be married Norman Hakim back to Abby, telling her everything was going to happen with the consent of his wife, Memey Suhaiza.

"I am very happy and grateful for what I get now.

"Me and Abby was a good relationship because he's the mother of my children.

"But if I was destined to be married to Abby, it happens with the prior consent of my wife," he explained.

Elaborating on the good relations, Norman said he, his wife and Abby lately often go out with the help of his former wife to open a clothing boutique.

"Lately we do often go out together to help and support and some ideas to Abby who want to start a business.

"So far we are professional and good friends," luahnya again.

Recently three of them and the family attended the sports day and Memey their child was first seen emerging with wearing the tudung image.
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