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Thursday, September 6, 2012

How To Dig Google Adsense Diamonds Part 5 of 15: Google Adsense Ad Location

We are continue our topic about How To Dig Google Adsense Diamonds.

How To Dig Google AdSense Diamonds Part 5 of 15 deals with where to position Google AdSense ads. Your Google AdSense ad unit positions are one of the most deciding factor on whether a user will click your Google AdSense ads or just plain ignore them. The home of your Google AdSense ads is worth days and weeks of tweaking to get exactly where they will earn you the most money. This is where you should ask yourself these five questions:

1. What kind of content do I have on my website?

2. What does my users do when they are visiting my website?

3. What places can I expect my users to focus their attention on?

4. How do I make my ads useful and not intrusive?

5. How do I keep my website looking as good as it was without the Google AdSense ads?

Using Google AdSense tools

How To Dig Google Adsense Diamonds Part 5 of 15: Google Adsense Ad Location
Google AdSense realizes that placement of your Google AdSense ads is a very important factor of your potential earnings. So they naturally have come up with great tools to help out. The first Google AdSense tool you need to check out is your Google AdSense channels.

They will tell you how each of your Google AdSense ads are doing individually so you know which position is pulling you the most adDiamonds. Next up is the Google AdSense custom reports; designed to give you daily or weekly even monthly stats of each and every one of your Google AdSense ad units. This way everything is delivered to your email with important information.

Another useful thing about Google AdSense custom reports is the fact that you can compare them and see how your ads have been doing over time. Which is important because your user base may change making your previously carefully selected Google AdSense ad positions, useless against these new users. And of course the Google AdSense ad formats with them you can customize exactly how long or big your Google AdSense ads should.

This is good since some high paying positions may be too small or too big for certain ad formats, for example your navigation. And last but least the Google AdSense color palettes knowing which colors compliment or blend in with your content will increase your earnings exponentially.

Now all these tools can help you find the perfect position if used carefully and considering many outside factors. For example the fact that no matter how great a position, people are different it may attract some users and annoy others, just keep in mind the majority.

Google AdSense heatmaps

Google AdSense has released a lot of heatmaps over the years in an attempt to try pinpoint where exactly is the best positions for your Google AdSense ads. Even though each website is different there are certain areas that are just common sense that are sometimes guaranteed to work. The hotter the colors the better the Google AdSense position so red is good while white is the worse. There three main kinds: general, blogs, and forums:


The general heatmap indicates that the best Google AdSense position is on the top of your main content.


The forum heat map shows that the best placement in forums is in the navigational aid where most of your users will often look. But forums users are tricky because most of them skip the header and jump right to the thread. And putting ads right in the middle of a discussion is downright annoying and intrusive; this may prompt the user to ignore the Google AdSense ads. So instead put one instead at the bottom of the last post in a thread that way this offers the user more choices when the discussion is finished. Keep in mind however that most of your traffic will be returning daily so either intelligently blend your Google AdSense ads or use image ads to keep thing fresh.


The blog heat map illustrates that underneath your posts is where you should put your Google AdSense ads. Blogs are notoriously hard to accommodate Google AdSense ads for since they contain so much content to draw the user's attention. So first things first give your Google AdSense ads a blog title to make them stand out a bit but be sure to blend the rest of the ad unit to your content. But blogs more than make up their difficulty by offering a great way to diversify your Google AdSense ads. You can use the Google search for example as your default search engine. You can also use refer ads when lining to Google adsense. Not to mention that since blogs have a lot of content they are perfect for Google AdSense section targeting this way you can point to where exactly Google AdSense will look for content on your Google AdSense ads.

Remember nothing is set in stone these are just merely suggestions really.

Keep Them Close To Home

Google AdSense ads tend to perform better when they are directly in your main content or under it. When it's say on the side of the content like in an article a user sees them as they are reading the content. Under the content it serves the user when they are done reading after they are done, they want to find out more about the subject and Google AdSense ads will present an easy way for you to gain money from them exiting your website. It doesn't matter anyway since 90% of users when they are done with the main content move on to other websites so why not earn money from them leaving?

Guide Them

A good starting position to test which Google AdSense position earns you the money is the navigational menu. You know and I know that the first a user does after arriving at a website is check the menu to see what else you have on your website. So right there and then is when you can grab them, so even though they don't find anything useful in your navigational menu they earn you some Diamonds right there. Any skyscraper will do for this.

It Takes Time

Google AdSense ad unit positioning takes a lot of patience and time along with it. So don't let all the frustrations that go along with it stop it's a great way to increase your Google AdSense Diamonds, if and when you do it the right way.

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How To Dig Google Adsense Diamonds Part 4 of 15: Google Adsense Color Palettes

We are continue our topic about How To Dig Google Adsense Diamonds.

How To Dig Google AdSense Diamonds Part 4 of 15 is all about Google AdSense color palettes. Google AdSense color palettes are like clothes for your ads. And just like fashion models no one will give them a second glance if you don't dress them up to catch eyes. But keep in mind that we are here not to trick the user into clicking your Google AdSense ads but drawing attention to them and letting them be the judges.

Getting Down To Business

Google AdSense has a lot of choices when it comes down to color palettes and this makes sense after all they want your Google ads to look like they are going to prom everyday. First things to consider are what kind of colors your page has and where the Google AdSense ads will be located. Second what kind of technique you are going to use to maximize your earnings, currently there are three major color palettes techniques: blend, compliment, or contrast. Third does your website have a lot of static traffic or is it pretty much random. Fourth the fact of all the things you have on your website competing for the user's attention.

How To Dig Google Adsense Diamonds Part 4 of 15: Google Adsense Color Palettes
Blending In Your Ads

Blending your Google AdSense ads using color palettes is a major favorite among the Google AdSense community. Few opt out to the other two methods though they can be as effective as blending depending on what kind of website you are working on. Blending includes making your Google AdSense ad units the same background as your web page and using the same link color on your Google AdSense ads as your links on your web page. This is easy since most websites have a white background with blue links the Open Air palette built in with Google AdSense can be used. Making your text link description the same color as you ads is also highly recommended.

Compliment Google Adsense

I don't mean complimenting your Google AdSense quite literally of course but in method. Using your color palettes to make your Google AdSense ads look like they belong to your website. This is way different from blending as blending makes them disappear, complimenting makes them obvious but part of your overall website design. Check out the example in the image above. The background color should be your secondary color on the website the most reoccurring color next to your background. But the text should be the same as your website. Giving your Google AdSense ads a "homely" look.

Contrast Or Reject Your Google AdSense Ads

Contrasting your Google AdSense color palette to your website is a lesser liked method of using Google AdSense but may be effective as well. You ever see those advertisements on television that just shocks you, that have nothing to do with the product being advertised yet they catch your attention? Well it shocked your took you from the ordinary to something a little out of this world. Contrasting your Google AdSense ads is sort of the same thing. The goal is to make your Google AdSense ads as different as possible from your website. I am talking about opposites here. There are obvious colors that contrast each other like black on white, red on blue, or even gray on green. This one is very easy to do since all you have to do is do a crazy color design.

Multiple Google AdSense Color Palettes at the Same Time

No doubt your Google AdSense needs are different and if you don't want to use google AdSense channels to spend hours or even days trying to figure which color palettes work est with your website or even if you did test and let's say two methods both got you equal earnings. Well you can use this new technique from Google AdSense that allows to use up to four color palettes on one ad unit. Simply go to your Google AdSense account and under color palettes choose the multiple palettes option and hold down the control or command key to choose multiple palettes.

Proven Colors

Well I can't leave you out to dry without first giving you a couple of suggestion to get you started. First of all Google AdSense is not the first to start with different color coordination to get catch people's attention. The advertising industry has been at it for a long time. And after a lot of research the colors that seemed to catch user's attention the most were black on red or yellow. For some weird reason we seem to notice those colors the most. Some say this is because at night time is when we must pay most close attention since the limited visibly and red or yellow come from an indication of something dangerous so we seem to pay more attention to them. If your don't believe me ask yourself why traffic signals are the same colors everywhere and why yellow and red means to stop? Not to mention the lights on your car or the colors companies like Winn-Dixie use.


In all of this keep in mind that no two websites are alike even with the same content the users are always different. So keep on trying different methods until your get it just right.

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How To Dig Google Adsense Diamonds Part 3 of 15: Google Adsense Ad Formats

How to Dig Google AdSense Part 3 of 15 deals with Google AdSense ad formats. The question going through every one's mind is what Google AdSense format can I use in order to get the best earnings out of my website? The answer of course is all but impossible as each website is different. So how do you find the best ad format for your website, well there are a couple of steps you have to through in order to make sure you do get the best earnings from Google adsense.

Couple of Suggestions

Google AdSense formats are ever changing as a matter of fact a new one just came out called the 200x200 ad unit. Generally on the world wide web there are a couple of "secret", as one might call them, ad formats that seem to work wonders no matter what website they are put on. But keep in mind that these are only suggestions according to popularity, and the Internet tends to have a single style of web page format call it a "classic". That is the navigation on the left and the content on the right. So if your website is new or somewhat different these might be completely useless. Now the popular Google AdSense ad formats are the 336x280 large rectangle, the 300x250 inline rectangle, and the 160x600 wide skyscraper for blogs. Keep in mind this is only the starting step if you want to keep exploring and see if you can earn more you should keep on reading.

Google AdSense ad formats
Your Very Own Ad Format

Google AdSense was made for the Internet not just one kind of websites. This very fact should give you hope as every website has the potential to earn as money as any other website. And one of the very deciding factor is how the Google AdSense ad units look like to your visitors. One way to find what ad format works best for your website is comparing how each does using the Google AdSense custom reports. Using the Google AdSense custom reports you can try different formats and see which ones work best. Keeping in mind the time factor and also what I call the occurrence factor. Meaning if you have a blog keeping in mind that when you post a new post you get way more visitors meaning that your ad unit will get more views. So you should make sure the environment is as stable as possible for each Google AdSense ad format you try out.

Channel Your Ad Units

Google AdSense gives you yet another way to test your ad formats to find out that Diamonds making special one. The Google AdSense channels can be used to track each ad unit you have on your website. Cutting down on the time you have to take in order to test each web page. The channels can be used to run the Google AdSense ad units tests on each web page you have simultaneously. But remember to make each as descriptive as possible as per my article but add one more description; time.

Testing Two At A Time: Google AdSense A/B Testing

Google AdSense A/B testing is a relatively new method rolled out by Google AdSense to try to ease the time it takes to figure out things such as which ad units earn the most for the user therefore earn more for Google AdSense itself. Google AdSense A/B Testing Allows you to choose two ad formats or units and show them at the randomly at the same time on your website. This more than doubles your chance at finding the Diamonds in Google adsense.

Keep At It

Google AdSense ad formats take a long time to perfect for some but others may get lucky. But for those of us who have to do it over and over again most likely we'll end up spending hours perfecting the ad formats on each and every page. Don't let this scare you this is just a necessity in order to find the ways to increase your Google AdSense earnings. As a matter of fact I almost always have to try out each Google AdSense ad format before I combine my results and see which one performed better. Remember to perform your test annually or even monthly if possible in order to stay relevant to your users, nothing is set in stone.

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How To Dig Google Adsense Diamonds: Part 2 of 15 (Custom Report)

In this second part of "How To Dig Google AdSense Diamonds" guide, we'll discuss custom reports and how they can used to your advantage.

Custom reports for Google AdSense is a pretty common known feature but do we really know what it is? After all it gives you the opportunity to track everything from ad units to impressions and even data over time accumulated and right to your mailbox.

Used wisely with Google AdSense custom reports can increase your cash by telling you exactly what is going on and when it's going on. Not to mention eliminating the hustle of checking your Google account in order to track your earnings let's say per week.

Getting Started

Log into your google adsense account. And go to the "advanced reports" under the "reports" tab. There choose the settings you want your new report to be and press "Display Report". There on the right middle side there should be a box and enter your new custom report name and press save.

Now keep in mind that whatever settings you had on to show the report are the ones that it's going to use. From there you can go to the "report manager" tab, under "reports" yet again, and there you can change the frequency say weekly, monthly whatever you feel like.

Here also you can choose the email it shall be sent to, and the google adsense folks did us one even better you can choose which format the report will be in CVS or CVS-EXCEL. That's it you are all done but what do you do with this new found knowledge? Well read on...

Let's Play Diary Keeper

Custom reporting isn't just a sport or just a way to get your weekly earnings it's much better than that. I am going to show you a method I use to keep tract of things going on in my many all about Google adsense campaigns. First create a folder on your computer.

Name it "Google AdSense Log" or something close. Next inside the folder name a new folder with a weekly name say "Sept-14-to-21" this way you know what time frame it is. Next go inside the folder and in there save a text file, but not just any normal text file I want you to put in all the details of your Google AdSense ad units. From color to placement everything covered in my channels article.

Now that you know what time frame and what the ads you are you know everything about what you did with your Google AdSense units. Save that file to that corresponding folder. And at the end of the week save the CVS file you get to that folder. This way you not only have what you did but the fruits of your labor as well. You can use this for a month each time creating anew folder for a new week to see with things you tried worked best.

Now this assumes you don't change your Google AdSense ad units during the weeks, and just wait for a new week to try something new. At the end of the month you can decide which methods worked to bring you more revenue. This is just one of the many ways you can use Google AdSense custom reporting to your advantage.


Many of us have experienced events when our Google AdSense revenue either jumps up really high or goes to zip. We stand mouth wide wondering what we did wrong or right. Well with custom reporting you can see just that. If you use them right and keep up with teach week you can see exactly what you did or what one of your visitors did to bring about such a change.

Good Investments

Using google adsense custom reports will give you all the previously stated advantages but there is more. How many of you have thought about selling your websites? Say it's getting to hard to keep up with, or you don't have enough time anymore. Well think about your custom reports and being used as proof of the kind of Google AdSense earnings a potential client will. After all they stay in your Google AdSense account so you have proof that those really are the correct stats of your ad units. Adding just one more thing to entice your buyers.

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How To Dig Google Adsense Diamonds: Part 1 Channels

Hello all my blog reader of iskandarX Society after careful thinking and hours of sleepless nights, I've finally finished what may prove to be the biggest Google AdSense tutorial on the Internet itself. I am calling it How To Dig Google AdSense Diamonds, well can you dig it? It's so big I had to break it into 15 parts. Before we begin let me point out that Google AdSense isn't a game or a get rich quick scheme it's a legitimate business, so approach it as such. If you truly are serious about making money then buckle down and truly focus because if used right this could be your way to riches. Well then let's get this show on the road.

Experimenting With Channels

Channels are a the doorway to the Google AdSense cave that's filled with Diamonds. Channel is a perfect name as they provide a way to know which way the money is. They can be used to record impressions, CTR, CPM, and earnings statistics for a certain box or even a page. It's up to you to use that information to make it earn you even more money. Also keep in mind that nothing is set in stone so if you think a color combination can do better in a different place other than the one your research provided then by all means try it out. Staying fluid is a necessity in life as well as Google adsense.

Channels can be used in several ways from to finding out which places on your website are the money earners, which colors are the eye turners that seem to work with your particular website, and the third of course with format is best for your website. Those are the three things that once can use channels for, let's explore each:


Where you place an ad plays a major role in your earnings. Through experimenting with different places can one truly find which ones on your website visitors like to look at, therefore click your ad. This is where channels come in, you can keep track of the different of the positions by creating different channels for each. The all time favorite being above the fold (all the way on top of everything else) you can create a channel called "topbannerwebsite" the website part could be the site you are placing it on. You want to make the name of the channel as specific as you want, don't be afraid every character can be included in the name. Set a timetable of the certain channels and see which ones perform better than others. This should allow you to know where your users mostly look and pay attention to. It takes about a week to be sure a spot will continue to bring in the same results or even month if you have the time. Now that you know the place let's see which colors can make the place look even better.

Color Palettes

Let's play dress up with our Google AdSense ads and make them look spectacular. Now that you know the place let's use those ingenious channels to find out what really makes the user's eyes pop open trying to sneak a peek. Different colors can be changed via the color palette but don't forget to have a different channel for every different color combination. The name should be in a specific to the color let's say "topbanner-red-and-blue". If you want though you can further into it including the url's colors and all that just make sure you can read it and know which colors you meant. With the place and colors known you are that much closer to truly maximizing your income.

Ad Formats

Ad Formats refers to the size and the contents of a specific ad unit. This is crucial to any Google AdSense campaign as how big or what it looks like affect a user's stand point. Thankfully Google AdSense has a range of formats available that can keep you testing for eternity. From images to text to referrals the list keeps growing everyday it seems. But what you need to focus is on is the ones that are already proven to get you the mos earnings even Google AdSense admits that the 336x280 large rectangle,300x250 inline rectangle, and the 160x600 wide skyscraper. I suggest you start your research with those and broaden your ranges if the results are not satisfactory. The channel should be a specific one by now in the terms of "top-banner-urlblue-textblack-336x280" that should be a basic of what your next names should be. Combining all these three is the perfect method to maximize your Google AdSense earnings.

I know this seems like a lot of work but like I said money truly isn't a game unless you are in Las Vegas. To tell you the truth I myself take a month just to set the AdSense blocks on any of my new sites. Everything has to be tried and measured to make sure it's the best as it gets. Remember what I said about these not being written in stone I suggest you get back at least a year and try it all over again so as to suit your audience even more. People do change and after any major change in your site either in traffic or look you should retrace your steps, but at least you have something to start with.

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