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Sunday, July 29, 2012

iskandarX Society Review - Instant Anxiety and Panic Attack Cures

Anxiety disorders and panic attacks may become very interfering with anyone's personal and professional life, therefore it is very important to recognize them at the right time and cure them as fast as possible. 

Many people ask themselves - how do I beat anxiety? How do I make panic go away? They often wonder whether it is possible to get rid of them in the first place. In this article I want to share what I've discovered about anxiety disorders and panic attacks, and yes, most of the time it is much easier than you think to cure them.

The easiest and probably the best first thing anyone can do is various deep breathing techniques, because you can do it everywhere and at any time. One basic and the most important technique is diaphragmatic breathing. To discover it, place one of your hands on your upper chest and the other hand on your stomach. Inhale by taking in a deep breath into your abdomen as you count to three. As you inhale you should feel your stomach rise up, while the hand on your chest should not move. That's it! Try this for a few times the next time you have panic or anxiety attack. The cure should be instant and help you beat them.

Next thing one can do is to actually try to calm oneself down. I know it seems obvious, but some anxiety and panic attack victims concentrate their attention on the rising anxiety feeling and get caught in it, rather than make every effort to relax. Therefore once panic attack starts it is recommended to recognize this feeling and try to evaluate how much real it is. Often the awareness itself that this anxiety is irrational and is based purely on imagination helps to cure or soothe it instantly. 

The third technique on how to beat anxiety actually comes from the second. It happens that sometimes people confuse random body feelings and reactions with the symptoms of anxiety. This then invokes the actual real panic attack, which results in them happening much more often than they should. Therefore is it good to know your personal symptoms of panic attacks and anxiety, so you don't confuse them with your normal body responses. To do it, it is advisable to consult your personal doctor, as the symptoms vary from person to person. The next time it happens, you will know whether it is real or not. I hope these three little cures will help you out.

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