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Saturday, July 28, 2012

iskandarX Society Review - Anxiety And Panic Attacks Are Ruining My Life

Every human being will feel anxious sooner or later, it's a normal reaction to stressful situations. Normal anxiety is your body reacting to what your mind considers to be a stressful situation.

When anxiety becomes a chronic condition, and continues on after the stress is removed, it might be an anxiety disorder. A disorder of this sort will usually have you with much higher anxious feelings and symptoms than most people experience.

The anxiety might befall you for inconsequential reasons, or maybe come in unexpected waves for no reason that you are aware of at the time.

With these levels of anxiety you might be experiencing panic attacks. Panic attacks can overtake you and consume you with physical symptoms that come for no apparent reason, and cause you to think you might be having a heart attack, or even in the process of dying.

It is important to know that even though the physical symptoms are overwhelming and certainly appear to be dangerous, they are in fact harmless.

The physical symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks are first caused by a thought, some worry, fear, or dread that your brain perceives as something that it needs to get you ready to fight.

This thought, whether conscious, or unconscious, causes the heart rate to speed up just a little and begins to circulate your blood faster.

Unless you have been learning and practicing healthy breathing techniques, you breathing changes, and you won't be getting enough air in, and not moving the stale air out of your lungs.

Now your body is having the physical signs of anxiety, or an anxiety attack, so your brain says "ok, we are having a problem here, so lets speed everything up some more."

Of course at this point you really are afraid and the anxiety levels are at panic attack levels, and this circle of fear continues to escalate, until you and your brain can only assume that something terrible is happening.

Once you have a deep understanding of exactly is going on when you are experiencing any sort of anxiety, or panic attack, and know what to do for yourself at the moment, you can begin to get control, and even clear it out of your life.

Most of the anxiety disorders we suffer from today can be alleviated without the use of drugs that only serve to mask the feelings, not overcome them.

To overcome your anxiety you must be willing to learn some new habits, and all of them will improve you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

When you learn new ways to breath, new ways to relax, new ways to dump the stress from your body and mind, new ways to react to situations in your life, you will be amazed that it took you so long to get here.

If you are thinking to yourself "anxiety and panic attacks are ruining my life", you're right! But you can learn to first deal with your anxiety and panic attacks, and then remove it from your life.

-Learn how to be empowered and gain confidence by engaging a simple technique to defuse any panic attack.
-The four most powerful approaches to creating an enduring anxiety buffer zone (particularly useful for those who experience GAD).<
-Learn to avoid making the one mistake almost everyone makes during a panic attack episode.
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