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Thursday, July 26, 2012

iskandarX Society Review - How to Overcome Severe Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Here it is. Here is the central truth that you need to accept and understand if you want to be able to eventually eliminate your panic attacks and severe anxiety. The truth is this: 

Your brain cannot distinguish between real and imagined thoughts when it comes to triggering emotional responses. In other words, whether you are actually experiencing a traumatic event or the trauma is purely a product of the thoughts in your head, your brain will trigger the same physiological response throughout your entire body. You need to understand the enormous influence that your thoughts have on your emotions.

For example, have you ever watched a scary movie and felt real fear? I am positive that you have, and the reason is because of the phenomenon that I just described. Think about it. You are in a warm, comfortable, and very safe movie theatre. But your brain gets so caught up in the movie that it forgets about the fact that you are in a very secure environment. The fear that you feel is real, but does it make sense given the reality of the situation? After all, you never left that safe and secure movie theatre.

When you are having severe anxiety or a panic attack the same principle applies. The fear and terror are very real; however, they are not logically justifiable. Therefore, the root of the problem lies within. Random thoughts will always be popping into your head, but your emotional response will be determined by how you interpret and interact with those thoughts.

For instance, think about your last panic attack. Can you remember the thoughts that popped into your head that contributed to your feelings of panic and terror? Write down all of these thoughts. Analyze each thought and put each thought into perspective. For example, I used to have panic attacks when I would think about living on my own and becoming self-sufficient. I would have thoughts like "I'll never be able to earn enough money to support myself" and "What if I lose my job and can't pay my bills" and "I'm going to end up a bum living on the streets" and many, many more. By incessantly having these thoughts I would whip myself into a frenzy and eventually into a state of severe anxiety. These thoughts were like time bombs that eventually blew up and manifested themselves in a full blown panic attack. But when I learned that I had the power to diffuse these bombs my panic attacks never returned.

Now it's time for you to take your list of panic attack thoughts (time bombs) and diffuse them. Let's examine one of my examples: "I'll never be able to earn enough money to support myself." In order to overcome the fear associated with this thought I needed to prove to my brain, with concrete evidence, that this thought was false. So through some research in the real world, and number crunching, I found jobs that I was confident that I could get. Additionally, I began to search housing listings in the area and, to my surprise, discovered some houses that I would be able to afford fairly quickly. By finding this concrete information I was able to disprove my prior irrational belief and effectively diffuse that particular bomb. And the more bombs that you diffuse, the less firepower your panic has to manifest itself. Eventually you will diffuse all bombs and totally disarm panic and severe anxiety.

This is tedious and time consuming at first. But the more that you practice this technique the better you will get with it. And after you have had enough practice, this skill will eventually become natural and effortless. As with anything in life, the more effort you put into something the more you will get out of it. You may be thinking that this is far too time consuming and not practical; however, I promise you that learning this skill will entirely eliminate your panic attacks and severe anxiety. But do not expect to master this skill in a single day or even a month. It takes time to change thought patterns, but it is well worth the effort. I know because this is exactly what I did. Decide right now that you will no longer be a victim of your irrational and scary thoughts. Take action and take your life back!

Matt Warchol suffered with a variety of emotional disorders for the first 27 years of his life. For the past 4 years he has been mentally and emotionally free and he would like to help you discover this freedom. This freedom is accessible to anyone who is both willing to be honest with themselves and who is open to change.

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