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Saturday, July 21, 2012

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iskandarX Society SEO Companies – The Good, The Bad And The Downright Dirty

This article was borne from an experience I had recently within an on-line SEO Forum. The poster asked a question on how to help his client get page one listings in Google and also what to put in his monthly SEO report.

When I replied that he should never have taken this client on in the first place when he had no knowledge about SEO – the poster retorted abusively and chastised myself for not giving him the advice that he required. This got me thinking: “How many charlatan SEO or Web Design companies are out there ripping clients off with promises of Page One listings or exuberant prices for no return”.

I did some research before I decided to write this article and I was surprised and saddened by the number of companies that I came across on the Internet (in a very short time frame) that either offer dubious SEO practices or promises of high rankings so cheap that professional optimization companies may as well gather their hat and coat and call it a night.

The intense marketing spiel that underhand firms adopt informs you to only pay them a few hundred bucks and hey presto the view from the top of the Search Engines was yours for the taking. Now, I have been in the business long enough to know when something doesn’t smell right. But what about the ordinary client who is only interested in getting their product sold or their service found on the Internet? How are they supposed to tell which SEO firm is transparent and which are as dirty as a mucky puddle?

Thus I have mustered up some pointers that I feel you should be aware of before any relationship with an SEO Company is worthy of consideration. They are as follows:

There is a saying that rings true here “You only get what you pay for!”. If a firm is
offering something so sought after as ‘Page One in Google’ for an unbelievable price then that is normally what it is: unbelievable! I’m not saying they won’t get you on Page One but it will be for such an obscure keyword phrase that generates no traffic whatsoever to your site – your money, time and effort will be wasted.

Blinding you with Science!
 Please, forget about companies who claim they have analyzed Google’s or any other Search Engine’s algorithm and have cracked the technology and are willing to let you in on the benefits – for a small fee – virtually gaining your site those prized possessions overnight. The words “Scam” spring to my mind among a few others which I shall regress in saying.

Ask around amongst friends, business associates, on-line help forums like
Yahoo! Answers or Google Answers for advice before you settle upon contacting an SEO Company. Professional SEO companies that are worth their salt mainly get a high percentage of their business from referrals. Look at the SEO companies site; do they have a testimonial page (again though be thorough as testimonials can be duped) are there contact numbers or a web address? Go one further and call that company, ask them about the service they received. Were they satisfied? Was it worth the money? Dig a little then dig some more.

Future Provisions!
Just what are you getting for your money? Does the company have a pro-active approach by embracing new marketing techniques and technologies or are they just concerned about your meta keyword tag and advising that you need an extra
gazillion pages on your site to be able to rank better. Will they report back to you at the end of each month with details about what they have undertaken to help rank your site better?

Trust your Instinct!
A professional SEO Company will always ask you questions to help understand more about your business and the market you are in – not just to help build an on-line profile about your company but to assess what service suits your requirements. SEO or Web Design companies that offer one-price-fits-all models have no conceptions (or experience) of the varying techniques required to help successfully promote a company on-line, drive its targeted traffic to their site and help boost their positions within the Search Engines.

Complacency has no room when you are trying to source a company who will deliver an increased return of investment for your site. Hopefully, I’ll never have the experience again of having to reply to an on-line post about what a SEO Company is supposed to be supplying in order to rank their clients site.

iskandarX Society Review - Anxious Thoughts and Broken Records

Have you ever noticed that anxious thoughts are like a broken record?

I know with Ipods etc. it’s a bit outdated to be using a record analogy here but it works well to illustrate a key point about anxious thoughts.

Remember when a record got scratched it made a very unpleasant sound and caused the needle to get stuck on the same groove.

The same one line would play over and over again ad nauseam until you picked up the needle and moved it past the scratch.

Anxious thoughts are bit like this. You might be happily going about your day and then something triggers an anxious thought.

The worry the thought creates sends an unpleasant shock wave through your nervous system. (The scratch on the record).

Then once you start reacting to the anxious thought it is hard to stop thinking about it over and over again. (The needle stuck in a groove)

The repetitive anxious thought can last minutes, hours , days depending on how upset you become by the thought.

I want to share with you a quick technique to jump out of this anxious groove. This technique is you learning how to pick up the record needle and move it past the scratch.

Here it is:

1, Observe 2, Trust 3, Move

Observe the anxious thought and label it. Say

“Oh there is fear X again, imagine that”

Try your very best to not get sucked into reacting emotionally to the thought.


Trust that what you are worrying about will in all probability never come about. Almost all the anxious thoughts we have are a complete waste of our energy.

Trust that things will work out fine.

Joseph Cossman said “If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today.”

If you are religious/spiritual then hand your anxious thought over to a higher power. Trust that there is nothing to fear and you will be looked after.

Trust and let it go.

“Every evening I turn my worries over to God. He’s going to be up all night anyway. ” ~Mary C. Crowley


Move your attention elsewhere. Focus on something positive that takes your mind out of the anxious groove.

Replace the anxious thought with a positive thought. You are not trying to suppress the anxious thought, you are simply moving your attention elsewhere. To continue the record analogy, you pick the record needle up (your attention) and move it out of the groove it was caught in.

If you are engaged in an activity then move your attention fully there. Be 100% present in the moment.

If you are walking focus on the surroundings, if you are driving observe all the sights and sounds. If you are with someone focus all your attention on them.

By moving your attention into the present moment there is no room for anxious thoughts to dominate your mind.

Play around with both moving your attention to positive thoughts or into the present moment. Different people find one or the other is easier to accomplish. The key thing is to move your mind out of the anxious groove and put you back in your natural flow.

So to sum up remember O.T.M.

Observe, Trust, Move

It takes a bit of practice but as long as you remember the above 3 steps you will be able to dramatically eliminate anxious thoughts from your day.

To learn more about how to end panic attacks and general anxiety fast then

Click Here

Barry McDonagh

All material provided is for informational or educational purposes only. No content is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Consult your physician regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition

-Learn how to be empowered and gain confidence by engaging a simple technique to defuse any panic attack.
-The four most powerful approaches to creating an enduring anxiety buffer zone (particularly useful for those who experience GAD).<
-Learn to avoid making the one mistake almost everyone makes during a panic attack episode.

iskandarX Society SEO - SEO PR: Buzzworthy Or Just Hype?

SEO PR is a buzzword that is both over-hyped and under-hyped at the same time. What do I mean by this? SEO PR is currently in buzz overkill mode in the Search Engine Marketing industry, but is drastically underutilized in the traditional PR world. Many traditional PR agencies are misinformed about Search Engine Marketing in general and are completely taken aback by SEO PR specifically.

So what is it? Search Engine Optimization Public Relations (SEO PR) is a blend of search engine visibility and traditional public relations that disperses a company’s message across the Internet by way of online media outlets and search engines. SEO PR not only helps disseminate an organization’s messages, but it also incorporates search engine-friendly communication through techniques such as optimizing copy in online content such as press releases, articles, whitepapers, blogs, RSS feeds and websites.

A successful search engine public relations engagement harnesses the power of the search engines by focusing on relevant keywords within the content being created and distributed. Careful attention must be paid to the content to ensure a careful balance between search engine-friendliness and good copywriting. Ultimately readers need to be able to understand the message without being bombarded by keyword spam, or copy overloaded with keywords affecting readability and comprehension.

As with any marketing campaign, integration of other marketing initiatives is crucial. A good SEO PR campaign heavily complements any Public Relations, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns in place while strengthening a firm’s brand. Some traditional PR firms are beginning to partner with SEO firms to add this service to their portfolio and vice-versa. This is good news for many firms as the incremental costs of adding SEO PR to existing marketing activities should be relatively low assuming that both SEO and PR services are already in place. Much of the additional work is simply connecting the SEO efforts with the PR efforts.

The logical first step is to integrate press release activity with search engine marketing. By optimizing and distributing press releases online (assuming the right online wire service is used), not only will the release have the opportunity to get picked up by thousands of sites, but it will often be picked up and archived by Google News, Yahoo! News and by a multitude of other sites that pull relevant news feeds.

This means that the press release’s message gets instant online visibility and SEO efforts are also strengthened by having strategic keywords included in the release’s copy, with the most important ones linked to your website with relevant anchor text. Besides the link-building benefit, the relevant anchor text makes this “off the page” SEO activity very powerful. Moreover, the sites that are likely to pick up your online release are usually relevant to the content being distributed.

However, there is a point of diminishing returns. You cannot keyword spam or add dozens of links to a release. The press release needs to be first and foremost a press release that makes sense to readers. Secondly, if you litter the release with too many links it’s likely that the major search engines will actually punish you in terms of rankings. In addition, delivering press releases too frequently just for SEO purposes will not be likely to achieve your desired results either. Press releases should be newsworthy. Otherwise they won’t get picked up, even online.

The next steps can be easy depending on whether content generation and distribution are part of your current marketing activities. By taking the same approach as described for online press releases (minus the online wires), content such as whitepapers, articles, “micro-sites” and/or advertising sites, etc. can be optimized, distributed online and used to both enhance brand and bolster SEO results. The same principles apply with online press releases. Keep the content focused on its purpose whether it’s educational, technical, marketing-oriented or a combination thereof. Again, avoid keyword and link spam.

A word of caution when looking for ways to distribute your content online for SEO purposes: Avoid companies that offer services where you pay them to host your whitepapers or optimized content. These firms can deliver leads in many cases through various mechanisms which they usually control, but the content usually disappears as soon as you stop using their service. Such firms may be a fit for a demand generation program, but I don’t advise using them if your goals include a solid, long-term SEO uplift as you could easily end up in a situation where a significant amount of your content disappears the moment you end the relationship.

Many sites, directories, online media firms and related industry sites are usually open to distributing content via their electronic outlets if it’s of a certain quality, adds value to their readers and meets their editorial guidelines. Just like a traditional PR firm identifies a target media list, the same needs to be done for your online media efforts. Like traditional PR, SEO PR can be hard to measure in some ways, but tends to be easier to measure in other ways especially when it comes to search engine rankings, online press release pickup and traffic generated from the release.

SEO PR can be much more involved than the basic ideas discussed above, but most organizations can get immediate benefits just by combining their existing SEO and PR efforts. To learn more about SEO PR I suggest checking out resources such as Search Engine Watch (, SEMPO (, or simply searching in your favorite search engine for terms such as “SEO PR,” “Search Engine Public Relations,” “Online Reputation Management,” “Online PR” and related phrases.

iskandarX Society Selebriti - Norman: Popular Tidak Semestinya Terbaik

KUALA LUMPUR, 17 JULAI 2012: Memegang prinsip popular tidak semestinya terbaik dan yang terbaik bukan bererti popular, Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif KRU Studios, Norman Abdul Halim berharap penganjuran Anugerah Blockbuster 2011 yang bakal berlangsung di Stadium Melawati pada 6 Oktober nanti mampu 'merakyatkan' lagi filem tempatan.

"Banyak anugerah berdasarkan populariti telah dianjurkan di peringkat antarabangsa seperti MTV Movie Awards dan People's Choice Awards. Di Malaysia pun ada anugerah seperti ini tetapi tiada pengkhususan untuk penggiat filem tempatan.

"Dari sinilah wujudnya idea untuk menghasilkan anugerah ini dan berharap anugerah ini dapat dianjurkan setiap tahun pada bulan Jun. Namun, memandangkan tahun ini sebagai tahun pertama, ia bakal dilaksanakan pada 6 Oktober ini," ujarnya ketika dihubungi, pagi tadi.

Dalam pada itu, Norman yang menjadi pemilik idea asal anugerah ini tiada masalah seandainya pihak Persatuan Penerbit Filem Malaysia (PFM) meluluskan kesemua filem yang ada di Malaysia untuk dipertandingkan.

"Saya hanya mencetuskan idea saja dan bukan orang yang berkuasa penuh untuk menentukan filem mana yang layak atau tidak untuk dipertandingkan. Biarlah PFM yang membuat keputusan sama ada filem Nasi Lemak 2.0 dan beberapa filem lain boleh masuk bertanding atau pun tidak.

"Saya tidak mahu nanti orang kata saya nak menangkan filem saya sendiri. Apapun, matlamat pengajuran ini tertumpu kepada penjenamaan sesebuah filem tempatan. Kalau boleh saya tidak mahu timbul kontroversi.

"Saya tidak kisah filem apa yang mahu bertanding. Namun, saya tidak mahu akan timbul kekeliruan dan orang tidak akan faham matlamat sebenar anugerah sebegini diwujudkan. Secara peribadi, saya tidak kisah," jelasnya.

Hakikatnya, Norman memberitahu, idea asal anugerah ini adalah untuk memartabatkan penggunaan bahasa Melayu dalam filem.

"Saya tiada niat untuk mengasingkan mana-mana bahasa yang ada di Malaysia. Sekali lagi, secara peribadi ia tiada masalah tetapi saya takut akan ada berlakunya sesuatu kekeliruan pada prinsipnya saja.

"Pada awalnya,saya mahu anugerah ini dinamakan lain supaya mencerminkan identiti negara. Namun, pihak penganjuran sudah bersetuju dengan meletakkan blockbuster supaya wujud kemegahan pada anugerah ini.

"Saya tidak terkilan seandainya filem saya kalah dalam anugerah ini kerana saya tahu menang dalam festival filem Malaysia bukan jaminan untuk filem saya menang dalam anugerah ini," jelasnya.

Menerusi anugerah ini, pihak KRU Studios turut mencalonkan dua filem terbitannya iaitu Merong Mahawangsa dan Karak untuk bertanding.

Memang betul jangan jadi "PPTTL" kerana qualiti adalah penting daripada kuantiti yang terbanyak. hahahaha pening daaa puasa-puasa nie nak ke aku komen pasal hiburan? isk isk isk isk menambahkan dosa aku nie.

iskandarX Society Special - BEN ASHAARI : RAMADHAN 2012 /1433H

Assalamualaikum W.B.T, dan salam sejahtera. Ini adalah special post yang aku buat kerana aku join dengan bro Ben dari Ben dalam satu segmen beliau iaitu SEGMEN BEN ASHAARI : BLOGLIST RAMADHAN 2012 /1433H. Untuk maklumat lanjut sila Klik Banner Header kat atas tuw....

Ok Tanpa membuang masa korang semua, bro Ben suruh kitaorang yang buat entry post nie dengan meletakkan kenapa anda perlu memilih bloh saya, maka aku rasa nak bagi alasan atau reason untuk korang semua memilih blog aku nie aku rasa tak berbaloi lah kerana atas kehendak kita atau korang semua kalau nak memilih untuk bertukar link dengan aku, blog yang tak seberapa nie yang dah wanted dengan DMCA ini atau korang memang ikhlas hendak bertukar link dan menjadi sahabat aku dunia sampai akhirat.

Aku redha seadanya dan sekiranya ditakdirkan kita akan menjadi kawan atau pun menjadi lawan aku serah dan pasrah sahaja ketas kehadrat ilahi, segala-gala ada dari ketentuan oleh-NYA YANG MAHA ESA LAGI MAHA PENGASIHANI.

Nota:(pening ke ayat aku nie? hehehehehe kita tukar link yerk? yerk? sayang korang.) .

Untuk makluman semua, blogroll yang dibuat ini tidak akan diremove walaupun setelah Ramadhan berlalu, pasal aku embed rel nofollow so aku tak risau bab link farm. Dan Tiada Tarikh Tutup ditetapkan lagi, maybe sampai bila bila kot? ahak. Bukan sahaja link dalam blogroll itu akan ku kekalkan, serta aku juga akan follow blog korang selagi Google belum kolep, hehehehe,.

Selamat Memunaikan Ibadat Puasa Di Bulan Ramadhan Ini dan Salam Perkenalan Bagi semua yang sudah atau belum kenal iskandarX a.k.a Muhammad Noor Firdaus @ iskandar Bin Haji Bashah.

iskandarX Society - Pembuka Cerita 1 Ramadhan 1433 Hijrah

Ya Allah, Ya Tuhanku, Engkau Ampuni Dosa-dosaku, dosa-dosa ibubapaku, dosa2 para guru2ku, dosa para Muslimin dan Muslimat, Dosa Mukminin dan Mukminat dan sekalian makhluk diatas muka muka mu ini Ya Allah. Ya Allah Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim, Tuhan Yang Maha Pengampun Lagi Pengasihani, Aku pohon  kurniakanlah segala iman, taat, Islam, Ehsan, Ilmu, yakin latoif, ashrar, makrifat, khasaf, mukafahah, karamah, maunah, kelebihan para guru-guruku, kelebihan mahaguruku, Sultan Aulia Mahdudin Muhyiddin Abdul Qadir Jailani, dan aku pohon menjadi MURID selamanya kepada mereka-mereka yang telah menjadi kekasih-kekasih kepada-Mu Ya Allah, walau aku berada seberapa banyak dosa, zahir dan batin, dari dunia sampai akhirat buat selama-lamanya.
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