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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Truth Behind Warcraft Reputations

Warcraft Reputations, the newest guide from T Dub Sanders – the guy behind PvE Bible and PvP Bible as well as Warcraft Formula – has hit the net and a lot of people are asking questions about whether this is a guide they need to add to their collection or not. Before anyone gets too carried away, wondering whether Warcraft Reputations does all it sets out to do, let’s take a look at what exactly you’d need a guide like this for.

Reputation in World of Warcraft is the cornerstone of almost everything you do. Some people claim its endgame content and others claim it’s PvP (even though we know that’s not true), but in reality, you really can’t get anything done without the reputation you grind for. It unlocks quests, mounts, tabards, gear, and all sorts of other fun (and necessary stuff).

It also happens to be quite a grind 90% of the time and that means a lot of players put it off or skip it entirely when they can get away with it. So, having a guide like Warcraft Reputations makes really good sense.

Now, on to the guide. First up, we have to determine what a guide like this should have. I’ve long pined for a Rep guide, and in that regard it needs to be all inclusive. Don’t skip any reputations just because they’re not that interesting or because they don’t do as much for you as you’d like. Some people love those niche reps, so they’re important. Warcraft Reputations does its best not to skip anything important in that regard.

Next, up, you have to be sure the grinds are made easier. Check again. The grinds in Warcraft Reputations (yes, there are still grinds – what can you do) are shorter, more to the point, and well laid out for anyone that has yet to play through this content. In short, if you need to get the Exalted rep for whatever rewards you’re currently seeking, get on over to today and learn more about T Dub’s newest mega-guide.

Bini-Bini Ku Gangster 2011

Nie Aku Letak Full Movie Korang Boleh Tengok Movie Bini Biniku Gangster 2011 Online terus.
Pelakon : Shaheizy Sam, Intan Ldyana, Yana Samasudin, Zalif Sidek, Zul Suphian, Alex Yanz
Kutipan Kasar : RM4.40 Juta

Manja dan Herry adalah sepasang suami isteri yang sangat romantik dan saling sayang menyayangi. Bagi Herry, Manja adalah seorang isteri dan suri rumah yang baik. 
Sedaya upaya Manja cuba menyembunyikan identitinya sebagai seorang ketua kumpulan gangster. Dipejabat, Herry kerap dibuli oleh Mat Saja, tetapi setiap kali Herry dibuli pasti Mat Saja akan menerima balasannya. Perkahwinan mereka yang sudah berusia 2 tahun itu masih belum dianugerahkan anak disebabkan Manja yang pernah mengalami kecederaan perut akibat kisah silam, membuatkan Manja berasa serba salah lalu cuba mencarikan seorang isteri yang boleh memberikan anak untuk suaminya yang tersayang. Ia juga adalah untuk mengalih perhatian Herry dari mengetahui aktiviti luarnya yang semakin sibuk setelah bergelar ketua kawasan, tambahan pula kawasannya kerap diganggu oleh musuhnya Min Siam.

Manja melamar Reanna, rakan sepejabat Herry yang baru untuk menjadi madunya. Walaupun redha dengan perkahwinan suaminya yang baru, jauh disudut hatinya perasaan cemburu melihat kemesraan Reanna dan Herry. Maka berlakulah perang dingin antara Manja dan Reanna dirumah. Sedang mereka asyik bergaduh, tiba – tiba Herry menghilangkan diri. Kedua dua madu itu berusaha mencari Herry di merata tempat, Manja bergegas ke tempat musuhnya iaitu Min Siam, kerana khuatir Herry diculik ahli kumpulan Min Siam.
English Version
Starring: Shaheizy Sam, Yana Samsudin, Intan Ladyana and Zul HandyblackDirected by: Ismail Bob Hasim Rating: (PG-13) 

Manja and Herry are your perfect everyday loving and romantic married couple. But, Manja is a leader of a pack of gangsters, which she tries to hide from Herry. Two years into their marriage, they still don't have a child due to an accident that happened to Manja in her past, which makes her feel helpless and inferior. So she searches for someone to give Herry a child, and also to divert attention away from her and her gangster group. Manja askes Reanna, Herry's co-worker to marry him. But upon marrying her, Manja is jealous of the relationship between her husband and his new wife. Conflicts happen between the two wives until one day, Herry is kidnapped by Min Siam. Being the leader, Manja heads over to her enemy's area to settle things once and for all.

Aku Komen:
Cerita nie boleh la layan layan sikit, tapi macam ada yang tak kena sebab leader dia perempuan, skill lawan tak berapa mantap(maybe dia tak belajar karate habis lagi kowt hehehe). Dan kekurangan cerita nie tadak adegan tembak menembak menggunakan pistol atau senapang, macam cerita samseng kecil kecilan la pulak yang macam Hong-Kong dok buat.

Ala cerita Gangster macam nie patut di perbanyakkan lagi serta diperluaskan lagi keluarannya supaya industri perfileman Malaysia dikenali ramai. Golongan remaja sampai dewasa semua minat cerita macam nie so tak payah la hipokrit ok? Kepada director diluar sana tu aku nasihatkan supaya korang jumpa sendiri dengan ahli mahupun kepala pailang pailang nie untuk dapatkan sesuatu experience yang lebih real, jangan buat cerita atas dasar cerita cerita dari mulut ke mulut tetapi cerita dari ahli kongsi yang sebenar, baru best bro.See ya.


Company Overview   Express yourself with NESCAFÉ Can!
                                   Design a NESCAFÉ Can! Win the grand prize of RM10,000
                                   and get your creation featured nationwide.

Description               Express yourself with NESCAFÉ Can!
                                  Design a NESCAFÉ Can! Win the grand prize of RM10,000 

                                  and get your  creation featured nationwide.



Can the original color of each variant be altered?
Yes, the original color of each variant can be changed based on your design and creativity.

Can an image / photo be applied into the template?
No, this isn't allowed. Vector graphics are preferred.

How many sets (series of 4 cans) of designs must be uploaded by each contestant?
Only 1 set (4 can designs) is required per contestant.

How many submissions is each contestant allowed?
The database will store up to 4 designs (1 set of entries).

Must I design all 4 templates?
Yes, all 4 provided templates must be designed and submitted. Do kindly note that there is a total of 4 variants, thus 4 templates.

Will the original design tool be provided in Stage 2?
Yes, the tool will be available from the 26th of September onwards.

Can I use Adobe Photoshop or any other design program to design my cans?
Yes, you may download the files provided if you wish to use an independent design program. Do note that all submitted files must be in JPEG format to be uploaded onto the application.

What format are the files available in?
The templates are available in PNG and AI (Illustrator) formats only.
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