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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Real Steel In Cinemas 13 October

Release Date    October 7, 2011
Genre               Action-Drama
Studio              DreamWorks Studios

Set in the near future, where robot boxing is a top sport, a struggling promoter feels he's found a champion in a discarded robot. During his hopeful rise to the top, he discovers he has an 11-year-old son who wants to know his father.

More Info:
Real Steel is a 2011 American science-fiction action film starring Hugh Jackman and directed by Shawn Levy. The film is based on the 1956 short story "Steel" by Richard Matheson, though Levy placed the film in U.S. state fairs and other "old-fashioned" Americana settings.

Real Steel was in development for several years before production began in June 11th of 2010. Filming took place primarily in the U.S. state of Michigan. Animatronic robots were built for the film, and motion capture technology was used to depict the brawling of computer-generated robots and animatronics.

Real Steel was publicly released in Australia on October 6, 2011 and in the United States and Canada on October 7, 2011. It will be in both conventional and IMAX theaters.

Well in my country just 3 day from now I'll able to watch this movie in cinema. Cannot wait for it.
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BlackBerry Torch™ 9860 from as low as RM588

Am I Blind Or What? BlackBerry Torch™ 9860 just for RM588, but wait guy's, it's just came from Celcom Smartphone promotion only.

For the workaholic
BlackBerry® is ideal for you when on-the-go. You can connect with your colleagues and clients wherever, whenever. You can also keep your needs in check with email, maps, organiser, applications, Internet and more.

Its smooth navigation lets you get in touch with anything and anyone superbly easy. What's more, small and large business organisations can benefit from its unique customisable email platforms, scalable to any size depending on your needs.

If you are one who seeks flexibility and mobility, let BlackBerry® connect you.

Found that more on it true website Celcom Smartphones, I'm just rumbling only here. See ya.

Get up to RM228 when you apply online

 From now to 15 October 2011, get up to RM228 CashBack when you apply online for a Standard Chartered Credit Card.

Gain a competitive edge with the Standard Chartered Business Visa Platinum & Gold Credit Cards

A suite of Savings and Privileges Tailor-made for your Business:

Automatic cash back of 0.5% on all your business expenses*
No minimum charge required, no limit on cash back given and the more you use your Card, the more cash back you get.
*Retail transactions only excluding transactions made at petrol stations

Instant Recognition
Your Company Name exclusively embossed on the Card.

Business Network
Gain access to a wide network of business events, seminars and programmes. Connect with the right industry contacts which in turn may help create exciting new avenues and opportunities for your business.

Substantial Credit Limit
Enjoy a credit limit that soars as high as RM300,000 to fulfill your business requirements.
With the Standard Chartered Business Visa Credit Card, you have the privilege of having your own personalised line of credit.

0% p.a. Easy Payment Scheme
Stretch your payments with this special benefit that allows you to settle business purchases in 12 equal installments at 0% interest at participating merchant outlets.

Seize business opportunities with Cheque-On-Call
Take your business further, enjoy easy access to additional funds. Cheque-On-Call allows you to cash up to 80% of your available credit limit for personal needs with attractive interest rates and flexible repayment to suit your business cash flow.

Save with Balance Transfer
Lower interest rates* when you transfer your outstanding balance from another credit card / charge card to your Standard Chartered Business Visa Credit Card.
*Rate is subject to change.

Zero Liability
You bear zero liability on transactions carried out after you report the loss of your
Standard Chartered Business Visa Credit Card.
Enjoy exclusive Platinum Privileges with your Business Platinum Credit Card.
Platinum Travel

FREE Unlimited Access* to KLIA Premium Plaza Lounge
Enjoy peace and quiet before flights, refreshments and unlimited access to KLIA Premium Plaza Lounge.
*Principal Cardmembers only

Complimentary Travel Accident Insurance
Charge your full air ticket to your Standard Chartered Business Platinum Credit Card for coverage of up to RM1 million. For more details, please click here.

Complimentary Purchase Protection
Your purchases are automatically insured when you use your Standard Chartered Business Platinum Credit Card, with coverage of up to RM40,000/per event. For more details, please click here.

Platinum KrisFlyer Air Miles
Convert your Choice Points to KrisFlyer Air Miles with less points.

Platinum Golf
Tee-off at exclusive golf courses worldwide and indulge special privileges.
Platinum Dining

Half Price Dining
50% off when you dine at Platinum Partners.

Priority Dining
Be the first to know and make reservations at Platinum Partners.
Platinum Rewards

Triple Choice Points
Enjoy 3X Choice Points every time you use your Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card for overseas purchases**.
**Applicable for retail transactions in foreign currency.

Platinum Share Points
Transfer Choice Points between Platinum Credit Cardmembers for bigger and faster rewards.

Platinum Wish List
Nothing in the catalogue catches your fancy? You can now redeem for anything! Just tell us and we'll help you get it.

Platinum Choice Points Express
Not enough points? Simply top up your accumulated points with cash to redeem your favourite gift.

Platinum Privileges
Shop at luxury boutiques around the world, with special discounts and savings.
Platinum Service

Platinum Concierge Service
Receive first-class treatment with Platinum Concierge Service, giving you unparalleled assistance wherever you are.

Visa Personal Concierge Centre - 1800 80 3006

Platinum Hotline
24-hour dedicated toll free hotline for all your total banking needs.
Call 1800 88 2588 for assistance.

Better Convenience
MEPS Interbank GIRO – You can now transfer funds between Standard Chartered and other participating banks’ accounts within the MEPS Interbank GIRO network.
Valid only with accounts at participating MEPS-member banks. A service fee will be charged.

Credit Card e-Statement
Choose the simple, hassle-free and convenient way of receiving your Credit Card statement via email. With Standard Chartered Credit Card e-Statement, you can view your statements easily anytime at your convenience. Best of all, this service is free for all Standard Chartered Credit Cardmembers.
This e-Statement service is subject to all applicable terms and conditions.

Minimum income :
Standard Chartered Business Visa Gold RM18,000 p.a.
Standard Chartered Business Visa Platinum RM60,000 p.a.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Investment Tutorial In Stock Market - Starting Out With Trading and Investing

It is difficult to know exactly where to start when you want to invest on the stock market. Sure, you could simply open up an account with an online stock broker and start following your instincts, but for most investors that is a bad way to go. It is much better to read a stock market tutorial or two, do some extra research, and learn the ins and outs of the stock market before you actually begin investing. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

It is important to know and acknowledge the difference between online stock brokers and offline stock brokers. After all, there is a large difference in the type of services as well as the cost of trading with each type of stock broker. Offline stock brokers (sometimes known as "traditional stock brokers") are known for providing guidance to clients and helping with managing their investments, as well. In exchange for this level of service, higher commissions are charged, sometimes up to hundreds of dollars per trade. Online stock brokers are pretty much a "do it yourself" endeavor, but you can trade for $10 or less per trade in many cases. However, you will be on your own!

To decide what type of broker is right for you, consider what type of investor you expect to be. Swing traders or day traders, who often buy and get rid of shares of stock within the space of a single day, will probably not want to pay high trading commissions. Long term investors who like to stick with their stocks for a long period and ride out low points to make an overall profit may find that traditional brokers serve their needs better.

There are a few general principles that are good to remember when you are making your investment decisions, as well. Any stock market tutorial will tell you that you have to be a disciplined investor to really see any kind of profit from your investments. If you have decided on a selling point for a stock, make sure you sell when the stock does reach that point. Try not to be tempted to hang on to stock that has dropped in order to see if it regains momentum, or to hold on to investments that have hit a plateau and are done rising in price.

Of course, a stock market tutorial is useless if you are not willing to put forth the effort to ensure your investments are a success. Only by attaining the knowledge you need and continuing to learn about the market and its trends will you truly be successful.

Private website reveals how to
put your money to work for you! 

112 Latest eBook Collection - How Are You Managing Your E-Book Collection?

Though the paperback book is still as popular as ever, made even more popular with easy ordering and access online, eBook collections are also growing. Since an eBook collection can be easily downloaded in minutes and read from the comfort of one's home, it's no wonder why people are looking for more books online than in an actual bookstore.

However, with this new collection of books, you might not be filling up your shelves at home, but your eBook collection is starting to fill up your computer. The question becomes, while you can buy new shelves for your books at home, how will you manage your eBooks as you download more?

The Appeal of eBooks and Digital Media

We are a culture that is beginning to think everything should be available instantly. We believe that because we want something, we should be able to have it in five minutes. No longer do we appreciate express shipping; we want things overnighted to us. And that's why eBook collection enthusiasts are growing in numbers. By simply turning on one's computer, browsing for a certain topic to read about, and making the purchase from a secure site, a person can have access to many popular books, even without an eBook reader. In just moments, you can be reading about the latest diet or how to save money.

Environmental Concerns and eBooks

eBooks are also starting to make more sense to those who want to do good for the environment. By not using paper and being read from a computer screen, the owner of the eBook is able to feel like they're not contributing to environmental waste. You can purchase as many eBooks as you like to add to your eBook collection without one tree having to be cut down. Of course, some people still like to print out their eBooks, but as they can use recycled paper or the backsides of used printed papers, the process is far more earth friendly.

Organizing your eBook Collection in Minutes

When it comes to organizing digital files, however, we still aren't quite sure what to do. We simply save these files on our computer and we hope we can find them later. But with an eBook organization software program, you can easily file and sort the books you own for easy access. All you need to do is to enter in the title of the book and then arrange the books in whatever fashion makes sense to you - author name, title, ISBN, topic, etc. As you add to your digital collection, you can easily find the books you have and use them as necessary.

With your eBook collection growing, it's time to take charge of the catalog before it gets out of hand. Software that organizes your book files will allow you to arrange your digital shelves in a pleasing and an efficient way - no matter how many books you have or how many books you want to still download.

Visit 112 Latest eBook Collection Now For The Latest Of Your Ebook Collection!

Energy Conservation: Why It's So Important

As someone that has to pay bills each month, you already know the importance of energy conservation. There is no way for you to have not noticed that your bills have been increasing. It has happened and is one thing that you just should consider doing. But, energy conservation is not always something that is on our minds. If you find yourself only thinking about it when the bills for the month arrive, then you may be missing the boat.

Why You Need To Know

Energy conservation is helpful in a number of ways to each of us. The most profound way that affects us directly is the cost. If you just turn off a few lights, you may not notice it. But, if you do several things to keep yourself in line with your energy goals, you may find yourself able to really save money here. Energy costs continue to rise and even if they slow down in that rise, they are not likely to come down. If you want to cut your bill down, then, you must use less energy.

Yet, there are other reasons for conserving energy as well. Consider, for example, the fact that one of the most vital fuels that we all rely on is that of oil. Some scientists believe that we will run out of oil within the next 60 years. Can you image the cost of your bills then? Still, consider the fact that many of these energy needs also produce toxins in the air. That makes them not only running out but also destroying the environment while they do it.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you, as a citizen of Earth should consider energy conservation in your daily life. Even if you just cut back slightly here and there, you will notice a difference in your bill but not necessary in your overall lifestyle. There are many benefits to taking care of the energy we use. It is a good thing for all of us to take into consideration as well. The end result is a result that satisfies everyone’s needs.

Find a few ways that you too can cut down on the amount of energy that you use. Challenge yourself to a few different limits. See if you can save just $5 this month on your electric bill. See if you can conserve energy for your own and for the world’s well being.

I'm Muhammad Noor Firdaus @ iskandarX I has developed many websites over the years in many different business areas.

So is the "HoJo Motor" the real deal?
Does it really work?
Can it really produce free electricity for your home?
Read on to find out!

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot of buzz on the internet right now about the “HoJo Motor.” What is it? …Well it’s a device that produces completely free energy for people’s homes and appliances and it’s eliminating people’s electricity bills permanently! There’s some breaking news about this brand new “free energy” device that you have to hear, so read on because it’s important…

…Well, as you probably know, a couple weeks ago the guys at “HoJo Motor” released plans that anyone can follow to create their own free energy device based on Howard Johnson’s patented magnetic generator. The reason it’s getting so much buzz is because this magnetic generator produces totally free energy for people’s homes and the plans are actually really easy to follow (so a ton of people have already built their own working “free energy” device)!

And if don’t know who Howard Johnson is (the inventor of the HoJo Motor)…he is called “The Father of Spintronics” and was one of the greatest inventors of the past century. His entire life’s work was solely to learn how to produce free energy and to create a magnetic generator that could be used in people’s homes to eliminate their need to pay for electricity.

…Well, Howard successfully invented this and it’s called the “HoJo Motor” …And guess what else? The “HoJo Motor” was actually awarded 3 U.S. patents! In fact, it’s the only known device to be certified by the “U.S. Patent Office” to actually produce free energy.

And finally anyone can build their own “HoJo Motor” and produce free energy for their home because they literally just re-released the plans to build this device! And if you’re like me and don’t have any building or engineering experience it doesn’t matter! The plans are easy to follow and are step-by-step! …So literally anyone can build this device…

You can see them here for a very limited time:

Go here > > HoJo Magnetic Motor

…the only problem when Howard Johnson invented the “HoJo Motor” was the Big Energy Corporation saw the HoJo Motor as a huge threat to their profits. These corporations first got word about his “free electricity device” when they saw Howard’s free energy motor featured on the cover of the spring “Science & Mechanics” magazine.  Science & Mechanics magazine was blown away by what Howard created and they saw the actual proof that it worked so they decided to feature it on their cover…

…But “Big Energy” didn’t like this at all! They knew this device could potentially cost them million (or billions) if everyone could produce their own free energy and didn’t need to rely on them for energy anymore. So these corporations started a massive campaign to shut down Howard’s research team because the energy companies got word that Howard and his team were looking to release their motors to the public soon.

But just recently the Howard Johnson (HoJo) Motor plans were just released to the public for the first time since the invention of this motor!

You can see them here > > HoJo Magnetic Motor

Unfortunately, the guys at “HoJo Motor” pulled their offer down only a couple days after they first released them because they were getting tons of attack letters from the Big Energy Corporation.

But they just came out and said they were going to re-release their plans to just a few more people in the next couple days because they don’t want their invention to be kept from the public!

…So I’d keep checking here > > HoJo Magnetic Motor

Because if they’re back  up and you’re at all interested in producing safe, clean, free energy for your home than I’d highly recommend you check out the Hojo Motor and use their patented plans to create your own free energy device.

I don’t know when or if they’re going to put their plans back out there but if you have the chance to get them make sure you do!

I guarantee you that if you get their plans it will be one of the best things you’ve ever done! So stop paying $1,000s for electricity and become energy independent today!

If you haven’t seen their easy to follow step-by-step plans yet go here now:

HoJo Magnetic Motor

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